W.O.W. 10/16/15- Dresden Files Part 2 (James Steele PhD)

I did the following WOW at UE this past Friday (Shoulders/Arms/Leg Press): SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Bar Biceps Curls Triceps Rope press on SuperSlow Systems Pulldown EZ bar Reverse Curl SuperSlow Systems Leg Press James Steele, PhD gave a great lecture on the false dichotomy that exists in exercise physiology because researchers tend to […]

W.O.W. 8/14/15- Metacognition and Diet

I did the following WOW last Friday with the UE team (Ed, Sherry and Joe) delivering payback after I supervised their workouts.  It went like this: Nautilus Pullover with SS Retrofits SuperSlow Systems Pulldown (the one with the fall-off cam) MedX Chest Press MedX Compound Row with SS fall-off cam SuperSlow Systems Neck Flex/Extension SuperSlow […]

W.O.W. 7/29/15- Over-thinking and walking the walk are not mutually exclusive.

Just checking in to let you all know I am around.  Posting frequency has dropped off due to lots of ER work during the busy summer months.  Despite the increased work frequency, my recovery has been somewhat above baseline.  I have therefore settled into a two-way split that I do about every 5-7 days.  In […]

W.O.W. 6/20/15- Barbells vs Machines? A barbell IS a machine

I decided to interrupt the run-up to 1,000 comments by posting my most recent WOW.  Photos are posted on Instagram at ultimate_exercise_.  I am sticking with a two-way split which is similar to my 3 way split except hip and thigh is grouped with shoulders and arms and calves are grouped with chest and back. […]

W.O.W. 5/25/15- Protect yourself from fractures without having to risk one.

It has been over a month since I posted.  Perhaps I should starting calling this a W.O.M.!  Things have been very stressful on the medical side of my life with all of the changes brought about by the “Affordable” Care Act.  I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that my workouts have […]

W.O.W. 4/23/15- Do high reps set the stage for enhanced recruitment and fatigue?

I apologize for the drop-off in my posting frequency and thanks for keeping the discussions so lively and interesting.  I did the following WOW this past Thursday at Fike.  Wendy came over toward the tail end of my workout and I put her through a Big 5 routine.  Ed, Sherry and Joe have been jammin’ […]

W.O.W. 3/20/15-DEXA Scans Have Brought Me More New Clients Than All the Ads I Ever Bought.

I did the following WOW under the supervision of UE instructor Joe Byers.  He did the same workout under my supervision (except Joe did Leg Press instead of Neck as the last movement). TSC Simple Row (as pre-exhaust for) MedX Compound Row with SS cam MedX Chest Press Nautilus Pullover with SS Retrofits   SuperSlow […]

W.O.W. 2/27/15- Local vs systemic recovery. A myokine effect and its relation to fibromyalgia.

Due to ongoing workload issues I am sticking with a 3-way split.  Despite a high level of work-related stressors, it is working quite well.  My most recent workout was the legs/abs portion:  Hammer Plate Load Calf Machine, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Barbell Squat, Hammer Clam-shell abdominal (all done at Fike). The other two parts of […]