W.O.W.-1/31/16- The Matt Spriggs Manifesto

Today I went down to UE with Wendy and my Son while my daughter was away on an outing.  It was time for shoulders/arms/leg press, so I did the following WOW: SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Barbell Curl Nautilus Plate Load Triceps with SS retorfits EZ reverse Curl Formulator SuperSlow Systems Leg Press Wendy’s workout: […]

W.O.W. 01/16/16- The Joe “Abyss” Manifesto

My most recent WOW was done this past Saturday morning and included the following movements (see instagram ulimate_exercise_ for photos). SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Barbell Curl Triceps Press Performed on the “old” SS Systems Pulldown Reverse EZ Barbell Curl with Fat Gripz SuperSlow Systems Leg Press The Next manifesto comes from our board participant […]

W.O.W. 11/24/15- Carpet Time and Surviving Sepsis

I went down to UE after closing for the following workout: SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press Nautilus Plate Load Biceps with SS retrofits Nautilus Plate Load Triceps with SS retrofits EZ Bar Reverse Curl SS Systems Leg Press Recently, while listening to a continuing medical education podcast, I became aware of another way the high intensity […]

W.O.W. 10/31/15- The Dresden Files Part 2: James Fisher, MSc.

I did my most recent WOW on Halloween.  I did Back/Chest and Leg Press.  The workout was as follows: Lumbar Extension on the new SuperSlow Systems Pulldown.  The fall-off cam seemed to intensify the contraction at full extension, and allowed a more gradual run-up to complete fatigue. MedX Chest Press Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits […]

W.O.W. 10/16/15- Dresden Files Part 2 (James Steele PhD)

I did the following WOW at UE this past Friday (Shoulders/Arms/Leg Press): SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Bar Biceps Curls Triceps Rope press on SuperSlow Systems Pulldown EZ bar Reverse Curl SuperSlow Systems Leg Press James Steele, PhD gave a great lecture on the false dichotomy that exists in exercise physiology because researchers tend to […]

W.O.W. 8/14/15- Metacognition and Diet

I did the following WOW last Friday with the UE team (Ed, Sherry and Joe) delivering payback after I supervised their workouts.  It went like this: Nautilus Pullover with SS Retrofits SuperSlow Systems Pulldown (the one with the fall-off cam) MedX Chest Press MedX Compound Row with SS fall-off cam SuperSlow Systems Neck Flex/Extension SuperSlow […]

W.O.W. 7/29/15- Over-thinking and walking the walk are not mutually exclusive.

Just checking in to let you all know I am around.  Posting frequency has dropped off due to lots of ER work during the busy summer months.  Despite the increased work frequency, my recovery has been somewhat above baseline.  I have therefore settled into a two-way split that I do about every 5-7 days.  In […]

W.O.W. 6/20/15- Barbells vs Machines? A barbell IS a machine

I decided to interrupt the run-up to 1,000 comments by posting my most recent WOW.  Photos are posted on Instagram at ultimate_exercise_.  I am sticking with a two-way split which is similar to my 3 way split except hip and thigh is grouped with shoulders and arms and calves are grouped with chest and back. […]