W.O.W. 11/24/15- Carpet Time and Surviving Sepsis

I went down to UE after closing for the following workout: SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press Nautilus Plate Load Biceps with SS retrofits Nautilus Plate Load Triceps with SS retrofits EZ Bar Reverse Curl SS Systems Leg Press Recently, while listening to a continuing medical education podcast, I became aware of another way the high intensity […]

W.O.W. 10/31/15- The Dresden Files Part 2: James Fisher, MSc.

I did my most recent WOW on Halloween.  I did Back/Chest and Leg Press.  The workout was as follows: Lumbar Extension on the new SuperSlow Systems Pulldown.  The fall-off cam seemed to intensify the contraction at full extension, and allowed a more gradual run-up to complete fatigue. MedX Chest Press Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits […]

W.O.W. 10/16/15- Dresden Files Part 2 (James Steele PhD)

I did the following WOW at UE this past Friday (Shoulders/Arms/Leg Press): SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Bar Biceps Curls Triceps Rope press on SuperSlow Systems Pulldown EZ bar Reverse Curl SuperSlow Systems Leg Press James Steele, PhD gave a great lecture on the false dichotomy that exists in exercise physiology because researchers tend to […]

W.O.W. 8/14/15- Metacognition and Diet

I did the following WOW last Friday with the UE team (Ed, Sherry and Joe) delivering payback after I supervised their workouts.  It went like this: Nautilus Pullover with SS Retrofits SuperSlow Systems Pulldown (the one with the fall-off cam) MedX Chest Press MedX Compound Row with SS fall-off cam SuperSlow Systems Neck Flex/Extension SuperSlow […]

W.O.W. 7/29/15- Over-thinking and walking the walk are not mutually exclusive.

Just checking in to let you all know I am around.  Posting frequency has dropped off due to lots of ER work during the busy summer months.  Despite the increased work frequency, my recovery has been somewhat above baseline.  I have therefore settled into a two-way split that I do about every 5-7 days.  In […]

W.O.W. 6/20/15- Barbells vs Machines? A barbell IS a machine

I decided to interrupt the run-up to 1,000 comments by posting my most recent WOW.  Photos are posted on Instagram at ultimate_exercise_.  I am sticking with a two-way split which is similar to my 3 way split except hip and thigh is grouped with shoulders and arms and calves are grouped with chest and back. […]

W.O.W. 5/25/15- Protect yourself from fractures without having to risk one.

It has been over a month since I posted.  Perhaps I should starting calling this a W.O.M.!  Things have been very stressful on the medical side of my life with all of the changes brought about by the “Affordable” Care Act.  I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that my workouts have […]

W.O.W. 4/23/15- Do high reps set the stage for enhanced recruitment and fatigue?

I apologize for the drop-off in my posting frequency and thanks for keeping the discussions so lively and interesting.  I did the following WOW this past Thursday at Fike.  Wendy came over toward the tail end of my workout and I put her through a Big 5 routine.  Ed, Sherry and Joe have been jammin’ […]