Weekend Group Seminar

All day Saturday seminar conducted at Ultimate Exercise, Inc. in Seneca, South Carolina.

· Morning-  Comprehensive lecture on high intensity exercise and hunter-gatherer dietary principles

· Lunch- Circa 1930’s restaurant (featuring “paleo-friendly” fare)

· Afternoon-  Individual workouts and question/answer sessions

There must be a minimum of 5, and no more than 10 participants for this seminar.  Cost per attendee is $500.00 paid 4 weeks in advance of the seminar.

Individual Weekend Seminar

All day Saturday seminar designed for individual instruction.

· Morning- Intensive review of “Body By Science” concepts

· Lunch-  Circa 1930’s restaurant (featuring “ paleo-friendly” fare)

· Afternoon-  Individual workout- expanded workout including additional machines, manual resistance instruction, and program design

The fee for an individual weekend seminar is $2,500.00

Traveling Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Bring Dr. McGuff to your event or training facility.  As a speaker, Dr. McGuff will provide support for your training principles, inspiration for current clients, and help garnering new clients.


Bring Dr. McGuff to your business event to discuss how efficient exercise can get you in the best shape of your life while leaving plenty of time for your career and family.

Corporate Fitness Design

Keep your executives fit and healthy over a single 20 minute break per week.  Dr. McGuff can help your company set up a training facility.  Equipment selection, instructor training and program set-up is available.  Fee is variable based on the complexity of the project.

Hospital Wellness Center

Achieve a hospital based wellness center based on “Body By Science Principles”.  Dr. McGuff can assist with equipment selection, instructor training, and program set-up.  Fee is variable based on the complexity of the project.

Home Fitness Center Set-Up

Set up a home workout environment based on “Body By Science” principles.  Dr. McGuff will set up an optimal home gym based on your space and budget limitations.  Fee is variable based on the complexity of the project.

Phone Consultation

Dr. McGuff is available for phone consultations on various topics.

30 minute consultation is $150.00

60 minute consultation is $250.00

Please call (864) 886-0200 and leave a message detailing which service you are seeking and your contact information.  A representative will return your call.

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