The Body By Science Question and Answer Book contains a wealth of information on proper strength training that will serve the trainee well throughout his or her life.

Within the pages of this 260-page companion volume to Body By Science the reader will learn the answers to their most pressing questions. The book is broken into seven separate though interrelated sections, allowing the reader to go to whatever topic or section that is of most concern to him or her. The breakdown is as follows:

Part One: Health & Fitness

In this section we examine and elaborate on how proper strength training contributes to the total health and fitness (not that these two concepts are co-joined) of the human organism. Topics such as layoffs from training, VO2 Max testing, cardiovascular health, and other (for the moment more popular) approaches to it are examined and contrasted with resistance exercise.

Part Two: Bodybuilding

In this section we examine what is really required (as against what is popularly assumed) for human beings to make their bodies bigger and stronger. We also revisit the genetics issue and offer some insights that we have found through training our own clients on a one-on-one basis that have proven helpful in building muscle when other approaches have failed.

Part Three: Special Needs

In this section we take an in-depth look at how the trainee can deal with issues ranging from pregnancy to the common cold, in addition to presenting our approach to rehabilitating a host of ailments ranging from lower back pain to tendonitis.

Part Four: Training

In this section we answer questions about all aspects of training. Once the workout starts – and even after its finished – the trainee encounters many new experiences, from shakey limbs to post workout soreness (and many more besides). These issues are all addressed in this section of the book.

Part Five: Nutrition

In this section we examine what a healthy diet for humans truly consists of and also go into some depth on the role of insulin in the big picture of human health.

Part Six: Athletics

In this section we examine the concept of whether or not athletics – as a “conditioning” activity – is a safe option, and how to proceed with one’s athletic endeavors in a manner that will augment (rather than hinder) one’s performance. In addition, we scrutinize some of the coaching folklore that has endured (needlessly) in the athletic world.

Part Seven: Safety

In this section of the book we look at your exercise program with an eye toward keeping it safe over the long term. Issues such as breathing, gripping, exercise-induced headache, and recovery are covered (among many others).

The reader should know by now that it is our belief that proper strength training is something that every human being should do in order to maximize their functional ability and to live as healthy a life as possible. Hopefully this book will provide the reader with additional reasons and intellectual ammunition as to why this is so.

– Doug McGuff, MD & John Little

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