doug-1Recently Dr. McGuff gave a brief seminar about the content in our book Body By Science at a book signing that happened to be recorded on video tape. I’m going to post this seminar as a series, covering different topics covered in the book ranging from “cardio” to “Whom Can You Trust?”

It is my hope to provide higher quality videos of this talk (and others) on this site in the near future. In the meantime I will upload these excerpts on and post links to the presentations here on this blog. The first one is up and (as always) Doug gives a masterful presentation of the material covered in our Introductory chapter. The link to watch this video is below:

doug-2I have just added Part Two of Dr. McGuff’s lecture on Body By Science in which Doug provides an overview of Chapter One. The central theme being what exactly are “health” and “fitness” and why they are not necessarily intrinsically linked. Here is the link to Part Two:

doug-3In this excerpt, Dr. McGuff explores the true nature of cardiovascular exercise during a seminar he gave at a recent book signing. The realities of “anaerobic” and “aerobic” pathways and his concept of “Global Metabolic Conditioning” (the touchstones of Chapter Two) are examined in detail. Here is the link to Part Three:

doug-4In this video (taken from a recent lecture Dr. McGuff gave at a book store), Doug speaks about Chapter 3 of our book Body By Science, in which he details the Dose-Response relationship of exercise. Along the way he touches on the content of other chapters such as Enhancing The Body’s Response To Exercise (Chapter 6) and Tweaking The Exercise Stimulus (Chapter 7). Here is the link to this video:

doug-5This is a two-part video that contains Dr. McGuff’s presentation of some of the key points of Chapter 9 of Body By Science. This is an excellent summary of the actual science underlying how human beings lose body fat and the role of high-intensity exercise in optimizing the fat loss process. Here are the links:

The Science Of Fat Loss (Part 1):

The Science Of Fat Loss (Part 2):

doug-6In this segment, Dr. McGuff explains the proper role of strength training for athletes and contrasts it with skill training (an important distinction that we cover in great depth in Body By Science). In addition, he elucidates the supreme importance of strength training for seniors, revealing how it enhances both health and (to an amazing extent) functional ability. Here is the link:


doug-7In this video Dr. McGuff provides an overview of Chapter 4 of Body By Science, which details the “Big 5″ workout. He covers such topics as exercise selection, aggressive fatiguing of muscle, why multiple sets aren’t required, and the tremendous importance of recovery in between workouts. The link to the video is:


doug-8In this latest installment of our Body By Science video series, Dr. McGuff discusses the importance of strength for people with range of motion limitations and why only slight modifications and adjustments (primarily equipment modifications) need to be employed. Here is the link to this video:


doug-9In this installment of the Body By Science video series, Dr. McGuff explains some of the benefits of proper strength training as it pertains to enhanced functional ability and even longevity. In addition, he relates how and why proper high-intensity strength training might not be for everyone. Here is the link to the new video:

doug-11In this installment of “The Big 5″ Workout series, Dr. Doug McGuff demonstrates the exercises and protocol involved in this basic workout. Here is the link to this video:

doug-12In this third installment of the “Big 5″ Workout series, Dr. Doug McGuff is shown demonstrating the remaining exercises of the “Big 5″ workout as detailed in Body By Science. Here is the link to this video:

doug-13In this installment (Part 4 of 4), Dr. Doug McGuff discusses the metabolic effects of  the “Big 5″ Workout as detailed in “Body By Science.” Here is the link to Part Three:

wendy-1Ever since Wendy posted her WOWs on our blog, we have had a huge demand from our women readers for more information on how Wendy trains. In this installment in the Body By Science video series, Wendy McGuff demonstrates her “Big 4″ Workout that she performs once every 14 days following the principles espoused in the bookBody By Science. This is Part One of a two-part series. Here is the link to this video:

wendy-2As promised, here is the conclusion of Wendy McGuff’s “Big 4″ workout that she performs once every 14 days, adhering to the principles found in the book Body By Science. Here is the link to this video:

ue2In Part Two of this inside look at Ultimate Exercise, Dr. Doug McGuff continues his tour of his facility, explaining the intricacies of the equipment he employs in the training of his clients —Body By Science style. Here is the link to Part Two:

doug-talkThis is Part One of a talk Dr. Doug McGuff recently delivered on the reasons why he and John wrote Body By Science, in which Doug touches on certain fallacies in exercise and the need for a science based approach. Here is the link to Part One of this presentation:

doug-presentation-2In Part Two of Dr. Doug McGuff’s Body By Science presentation, Doug takes a hard and critical look at what exactly constitutes “Health” and “Fitness.” Here is the link to Part Two of this presentation:

doug-presentation-3In this installment of Dr. McGuff’s Body By Science Presentation, Dr. McGuff discusses the type of workout required to stimulate the body to produce the type of health and fitness benefits that he discovered in the two earlier presentations. Here is the link to this video:

doug-4In this fourth installment of his Body By Science presentation, Dr. Doug McGuff explains the concept of “Global Metabolic Conditioning” that results from the performance of proper strength training. Here is the link to this video:

vee-chinThis is NOT a new video, but I thought visitors to our site might be interested in seeing Vee Ferguson of Exercise Inc. (Indianapolis) performing a 2-minute chin up (one minute up, one minute down) under the watchful eye of Bo Railey. This is an incredibly intense workout for the upper torso as Vee demonstrates  phenomenal physical strength. Here is the link to this video:

vee1This is the first video of a multi video series on workouts featuring the protocol contained in our book Body By Science.  In this video, Dr. Doug McGuff puts trainer Vee Ferguson through his weekly high-intensity workout. The video was shot at Bo Railey’s facility Exercise Inc., in Indianaoplis. Ferguson is an amazingly strong person as evidenced here: 300 pound Nautilus pullovers and negative-only chins with an extra 200 pounds strapped to his waist. There are more videos coming. Here is the link to this video:


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