We recently received this inspirational story by Kevin Fontaine, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at  Johns Hopkins University Medical School. Dr. Fontaine’s 15-year-old son, Joshua, has been using the Body By Science program (the “Big 5” workout) and making excellent progress. He has gained 11 pounds and witnessed incredible strength increases. Here is the link to Joshua’s success story, which should serve as motivational fuel for other 15-year-olds out there: 


— John Little

7 thoughts on ““BODY BY SCIENCE” FOR 15-YEAR OLDS”

  1. My eleven year old son and 7 year old daughter are making good gains on a big three routine of Superslow bodyweight squats, chin – ups and parallel dips. They, like I, are involved in Jiu-Jitsu where their strength advantage over their peers is coming in handy.They both strength train once a week on Sundays and although require some coaxing some days – are excited by their progress.

  2. Dave, you are lucky. I would love to bring my 8 year old daughter to our gym. But kids have to be 14 years or older there to train. :-(

  3. I bought a Hammer squat/lunge so my 12 year old son can use that instead of trap bar deadlift. I felt like it would be easier for him to control and keep good form on. I’ve got a pulldown machine that I built and he’s doing military press with a barbell. I’ve got him doing the Big 3 plus db lateral raise and static holds on pushups. Getting him to move slowly is the biggest challenge with him.


  4. Hi Niko,

    I actually train my kids at home – our gym will not allow children under the age of 13 in even with a parent. I have a door frame chin up bar and I brought my free-standing dip station out of storage and put it in the kids room (serves as a bit of a clothes hanger when not in use). The body weight squats do not require any apparatus so they are easy to do in their room. They are both used to the slow movement now and my daughter especially blows away my own form when it comes to leg exercises – up and down as smooth as silk.

  5. Thanks Dave for the ideas. I also currently consider another gym where they probably will allow children to work out with permission of the parents and a doctor and where they have MedX equipment. Does anyone know if MedX can be adjusted to childrens sizes?

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