For those that haven’t read it yet, please read Dr. McGuff’s article entitled Body By Science — Especially For Women in our articles section. It covers so many important points that women need to know in order to maximize their results from proper strength training exercise. Here is the link to this exceptional article:



Certain of our female clients at Nautilus North have agreed to our  our video taping their workouts so that readers of Body By Science can see points of form, technique and proper breathing. Here Amy is put through a “Big 3″ workout under the direction of trainer Blair Wilson.

The protocol featured is the “Done In One” method, whereby the trainee attempts to inroad slowly and thoroughly so that he or she is literally “done” in “one” repetition. It can be used with a 30-seconds out/30-seconds back time signature or 1-minute out and 1-minute back. If the client still hasn’t inroaded to the point where the weight (which is deliberately set to be lighter than he or she would normally use) has overcome his or her force output, the trainer will encourage the client to attempt a second repetition (sometimes this works out out to be only one and a half reps, and occasionally two). This is just one way to perform a “Big 3″ workout but we thought it might prove helpful to female readers of our book. Here is the link to Amy’s workout:




In this video Mel (a friend of Amy’s who also trains at Nautilus North) goes through the same “Big 3″ workout. She uses the same protocol as Amy and, like Amy, does not rest between exercises. Here is the link to Mel’s “Big 3″ workout:

– John Little