I did the following WOW at UE after working a busy day shift in the ER.  It was a great workout.

MedX Overhead Press, Rear Deltoid Fly (jrep halves), EZ Bar Biceps Curl, Nautilus Triceps Extension, EZ Bar Reverse Curl, Formulator Flexion, Calf Press on MedX Leg Press.


The image above has been hanging in UE for months now.  One of my clients owns an integrative medicine practice that includes thermal imaging (used as an adjunct or replacement for mammography).  These images are of one of our female clients.  The images on the left are done the day before a workout, and the images on the right are done the day after a workout.  The colors from hottest to coldest are: red, orange, yellow, green then blue.  The hot areas represent increased thermogenesis through brown fat upregulation.  Recently there has been a lot of attention focused on cold thermogenesis as a means of increasing brown fat activity.  Tim Ferriss included it in the Four Hour Body, Jack Kruse, MD includes it as a major component of his interventions and most recently Dr. Ellington Darden has used it as part of the protocol in his new book Body Fat Breakthrough. Although I have not read Dr. Darden’s book yet, I believe he has taken this concept to the next level by exploiting the relationship between high intensity exercise and cold thermogenesis.  Check out the link to the article below.  If you can manage to slog through the technicalities what you will find is that the activation of uncoupling protein (the molecule that uncouples oxidative phosphorylation so that heat is expended in lew or energy production and storage) is improved by the presence of Interleukin-6 (IL-6).  If you will recall, IL-6 is a myokine released by skeletal muscle during intense exercise.  This study used IL-6 knockout mice (animals that are genetically modified to be unable to generate IL-6) to further delineate the action of this myokine as it relates to brown fat thermogenesis.  What the study found was that IL-6 not only amplifies the effects of cold thermogenesis, but that cold thermogenesis is heavily dependent on the presence of IL-6.  With this understanding in mind, the thermal imaging photos taken above take on a whole new meaning.  This subject did not partake of any cold therapy, only her workouts at UE. I can only imagine the synergistic effects if the two were combined.  Perhaps we can repeat this with the inclusion of cold thermogenesis and report back.


Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.