W.O.W. 6/01/14-Strength Exercise for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Last week’s WOW was put in the comment thread of the previous post.  I worked out yesterday at UE with Wendy while the kids carried out their paid janitorial gig.

Wendy’s WOW:  MedX Compound Row (with SS cam), MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Overhead Press, MedX Leg Press, Calf Press on MedX Leg Press, TSC Neck Flex/Ext

My WOW:  SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Neck Flexion, Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits, MedX Compound Row, SS Systems Neck Extension, MedX Leg Press.  Workout T-Shirt is the Ideal Exercise Vision Test taken from the Ren and Stimpy cartoon where they joined the army.  Pictures are available on Instagram ultimate_exercise_.

Sticking to my theme of being hooked on myokines, I am attaching the following full text article on the relationship of myokines and exercise to decreasing cancer risk and for treating the cachexia of cancer.  We have had several cancer patients at UE who have had great results training through their diagnosis, much of their chemo and after their chemo is complete.  In the future I believe high intensity strength exercise will be a very big part of both oncology care and cancer prevention.


Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

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  1. Speaking of brown fat and the trap area.

    After my workout ive been putting an ice pack on the back of my neck and traps for a half hour.

    I got that from Dardens book.

    Ive also had some good workouts when I thought I could not put in a good effort because of life on life’s terms.

    When I would work 12 to 14 hours day for long periods of time I could still do a big 3 or 5 once a week.

    Otherwise I would have never worked out because of the notion I should not because of not enough rest.

  2. Training – today {14 days since last lower body session}

    TBL – 3 X 5r supersetted EDT style with Barbell hip thrust – 3 x 5r
    Toepress- Jreps style x 2 sets
    BWS-1 X 30R

    One arm cable curls – 2 x 12, 8
    One arm pressdowns – 2 x 12, 8

  3. Amy’s WOW:

    Nautilus pullover
    Nautilus Next Gen. Row
    Nautilus 2ST hip ext
    Nautilus incline press
    -60 sec rest-
    Nautilus overhead press

    I haven’t asked her yet,but she probably did some backyard chin ups when she got home from the gym.

  4. @Thomas RE comment 43,
    I agree with that and such situations make a good interpretation necessary.Experience are major here because, completely wrong, one would recover longer based on feeling.
    This ‘crappy feeling’can have it’s origin in e.g weather,sleep,nutrition etc. but the body can/will be recovered anyway.For me(again, I know my body)just knowing this and focus on/during my exercises let me forget the crappy feeling.Afterwards I feel like a million.
    As said,I know my body but here comes again another reason why experienced instructors are worth their money…..how to interpretate the crappy feeling of an client.Many factors are to consider and after a fast impression I just get them to focus on the contracting muscles on their way to fatigue and never let them consider ‘the crappy feeling’during the workout.
    I said it before….value for value,some get it some don’t.

  5. Doug,

    Tommy Lee gold …

    Still rather (pleasantly) sore today from the set of ten to failure. I was using about 70% of my every day working max from 2 years ago. I think that the conservative choice of weight, combined with pre exhausting my upper body pulling muscles, made for a great, non-robat-inducing without.

    Today, 35 second “L-Sit” on low parallettes.

  6. Doug H.,
    I love doing that negative chin workout, doing it once a month right now and it really torches my entire upper body including my grip. That 3 second static hold at the top really pushes it to another level!

  7. Bryce,

    Today I started with 100 pounds on the dip belt, then dropped to 90,70,50,25, and finished with bodyweight, do about 4 at each weight, 3 second static hold at the top and let myself down as slow and controlled as possible, when form starts to break down I go down to the next weight. I take the time during the weight changes to take a short break and catch my breath.


  8. Target date for the opening of the workout facility is now less than 168 HOURS away. Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) will now stand for “Destination Failure Welcome”.

  9. @Doug,
    Thanks. I would love to workout at UE some day but I’m on the other side of the country. My son’s girlfriend is from Spartanburg, so if they ever decide to make it permanent, I’ll have an excuse to come to South Carolina.

  10. This is a post for Norm Jones in Montreal. As many of you are aware Norm and Dot visited UE a number of years ago and have become Canada’s “spokepersons” for BBS.
    They have since been back a number of times, whenever visiting their son in Georgia. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting with them in Montreal.
    Both folks are in their 70’s and are role models for our senior advocates.
    I would personally welcome advice and support here from our family of posters.


    WOW’s for Norm and Dot (Montreal)

    We are sad to report that Dot has been diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread into her pelvic bone area. It was a sudden revelation as she had no symptoms until a couple of weeks ago. That being said, we have been reading Dr McGuff’s very timely and recent comments on cancer treatment and especially the role that “Big 5” training can play in recovery and healing. At this point in time we are working with the oncologist specialists as to the appropriate treatment.

    We have a question. Given that the medical staff has informed us that Dot’s pelvic bones are brittle, we are reluctant to exercise the legs/hips with leg presses, leg extensions, curls, etc. However, would upper body exercises be beneficial, or risky?

    Please weigh in with your comments and prayers of support.

    Your Canadian friends, Norm and Dot

  11. Doug
    Thanks for the timely article, my son is going through treatment for a brain tumor and conventional medicine has not produced improvement.
    He has a successful personal training business in Philadelphia and was in great shape.
    His oncologist had persuaded him to stop lifting, I have been suggesting strength training, I wish I had this a month ago I will pass this article along.

  12. Chest Press
    Seated Row
    Hammer Leg Press
    Side Lateral Machine
    Reverse Wrist Curl
    Wrist Curl

  13. Mal,

    I read about your marathon, and half marathon completions. Congratulations. I truthfully do not have the attention span for such endeavors, I admire those who have the discipline to be able to be successful themselves.


    I am sorry to read your post concerning your son. I do hope that there is a specialist who can assist you and your family.

    On a much less important note I did purchase, and have started reading, The Bodyfat Breakthrough. I should be done by now, but I also started reading Team of Rivals and found it took priority. As far as BfB is concerned, I like it so far, the 30/30/30, sounds like a son of a gun, and there isn’t much for me to add to the discussion.

  14. Ed,

    As I reread posts, may I add my best wishes for yourself and Norm and Dot. I apologize for not including words in my first post, but never underestimate the power of adult ADHD.

    Again, I Dennis’s son, and Dot will find relief, and success.

  15. After 10 days rest I never feel “crappy”.

    Yesterday, for the first time, I used the Gymboss interval timer set on vibrate. Using Dr. Dardens’ negative accentuated 30-30-30 protocol I realize I was speeding up too much prior to using the timer.

    Brian, Congrats on starting your personal training business. It is an honorable profession to be proud of. I hope you will allow your clients to set their own training frequency according to their progress charts.

    You might want to watch Mike Mentzers’ Underground Seminar on Youtube, sections 9, 10 and 11. If you put your clients’ needs ahead of your own I’m sure you will be very successful.

  16. @ Dot and Dennis’s son

    I am pulling for the both of you. Be strong in this trying time.

  17. Norm and Dot,
    Sorry to read your situation.
    In these instances I think it’s important to get as much information as possible so you can make good choices. Regarding the pelvic situation I would be very carefull and see for a good professional to instruct exercise/
    Did you also read material by WestonPrice foundation and certainly Dr.D’Agostino about the Ketogen diet and cancer.Maybe something is in it for you besides the more regular medicine.All bits can help but what…I don’t know so can’t give specific advise.
    Maybe the above is something for your son.
    Wish you all the strength necessary to overcome these situations.

    ‘After 10 days rest I never feel “crappy”.’

    Good for you. But maybe the word crappy is to strong….should maybe mean ‘not optimal’.In that context,if you never feel that way regardless amount of restdays you either superman(onT)or have no life(I don’t think so regarding you Jay).
    I agree about Brian too,but how can his job be honorable if his clients can set their own frequency?Are they the experst??

  18. If the client’s progress charts are used to determine frequency, then some of the new clients will be working out 3+ times per week at first. Is that really necessary?

    MM’s Underground Seminar? That’s a new one Jay, why haven’t you mentioned it before?

  19. Thomas … zing.

    Ad, I was going to recommend D’Agostino’s work on ketogenic diets and cancer as well. The mechanism is really compelling – without functioning mitochondria (the vast majority of cancer cells) metabolizing fat is impossible.

    My buddy just went through a successful bout of chemo for testicular cancer and he was really interested when I told him about the ketogenic intervention. He was floored by the fact that not one of the dozen doctors he saw throughout his treatment EVER mentioned diet in any way … yikes.

    Dot, Norm, Dennis and son. Praying for each of you.

  20. Bryce,
    There has been much written about the science behind it the last years but also consider the work of Otto Warburg. But I never will neglect the regular medicine solution.havibg said that….what is their 5 year score regarding survival.And at some point quality of life will trump quantity if there is no way of return.But ……easy said if oneself hasn;t heard: bad news,you have cancer or some other (mostly)deadly disease.
    Again, stay strong and make wise choices.

  21. Maybe also of interest:
    Rainer Klement, Ph.D. presenting at the 2nd Annual Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS12).

    Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D. presenting at the 2nd Annual Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS12).
    Both are also interviewed by Dr.Mercola.

  22. @ Jay

    I have that seminar and watched it many years ago. I will be interesting when we will know precisely (by technology advances) when overcompensation has occurred. When that day will be, who knows, but it will be debated over and over. Until then, the innate ability of the instructor in making a judgment call is all we have to go on. The training log is great, but improvements in one exercise at the expense digression in other exercises may be to small to say “hey let’s get EVERYONE to 10+ days between sessions”. In any event, thanks for the kind words.

  23. Had a great WOW today with Owen from the Strongworks in West Hartford, CT. If anyone is every in the area I highly recommend him. Great facility and great trainer.

    Pullover isometric on Renex iPOPOD
    Superslow systems Pulldown
    Ventral Torso
    Seated row
    Nautilus lumbar extension/hip machine
    Nautilus nitro leg press

  24. Week 3 X-Force training

    X-Force Legcurl
    X-Force Legpress
    X-Force Chestpress
    X-Force Pulldown
    X-Force Press
    X-Force Biceps curl
    X-Force Abs
    Nautilus 4-way neck

    I noticed that except for the X-Force machines, the gym also put in some valuable Nautilus machines: low back, forearm, 4-way neck.

    Im very happy about that, havent done the 4-way neck for ten years, loved it. Will rotate the three of them from now.


  25. Brian, I call it a progress chart, not a training log. 10 days is not a magical number, but my current recovery periods.

    The client is the true “expert” at what he needs for recovery days, and his progress chart is simply the tool that tells him when it is time to insert extra rest days. This is simple stuff, not brain surgery!

    I’ve been a nurse for 22 years and I have worked in psychiatric hospitals and for the mental health association so I think I am qualified to make the following observation.

    Some on this blog, seem to have real control issues and delusions of grandeur. Some of us, myself included, can benefit greatly from a little counseling. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

  26. My 6 month experiment with not doing any single joint bicep curls or tricep extension has led me to the following conclusion: they are a waste of time, not needed and probably counter productive to my future goals.

    However, I am using the best equipment I’ve ever used, Nautilus One, which is better than Nautilus Nitro.

    I also have come to believe there is no such thing as a weak link.

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