Wendy and I did out WOW’s (14 days for Wendy) at UE on Sunday.  There are some photos and videos up on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  The links can be found now at the bottom of drmcguff.com.

My WOW:  Lumbar Extension on SS Pulldown, MedX Leg Press, Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits, MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Neck Flexion, MedX Compound Row with SS cam, SS Systems Neck Extension (coupling the chest press with neck flexion and row with neck extension really amplifies the effect on the neck).

Wendy’s WOW: MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Overhead Press, MedX Leg Press, TSC hip adduction/abduction, Freehand squat, TSC neck flexion/extension.

This week’s workout T-shirt was from Doug Holland’s Intelligent Exercise in Shreveport, LA.  Each week will feature a new T-shirt, watch for it on Instagram.  Nothing new to post on the scientific front for now.  Just trying to have some fun with BBS/UE and life in general.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.