W.O.W. 5/18/14-Just Having Fun

Wendy and I did out WOW’s (14 days for Wendy) at UE on Sunday.  There are some photos and videos up on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  The links can be found now at the bottom of drmcguff.com.

My WOW:  Lumbar Extension on SS Pulldown, MedX Leg Press, Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits, MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Neck Flexion, MedX Compound Row with SS cam, SS Systems Neck Extension (coupling the chest press with neck flexion and row with neck extension really amplifies the effect on the neck).

Wendy’s WOW: MedX Chest Press, SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Overhead Press, MedX Leg Press, TSC hip adduction/abduction, Freehand squat, TSC neck flexion/extension.

This week’s workout T-shirt was from Doug Holland’s Intelligent Exercise in Shreveport, LA.  Each week will feature a new T-shirt, watch for it on Instagram.  Nothing new to post on the scientific front for now.  Just trying to have some fun with BBS/UE and life in general.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

297 thoughts on “W.O.W. 5/18/14-Just Having Fun”

  1. Workout shirt of the day is a personal favorite….a tye-dyed Mickey Mouse SHIRT in honor of my trip to the wonderful world of Disn…I mean Holland. I will post my workout later…trap bar deadlift followed by…???

  2. Spartan Race Update:

    Race was yesterday and I finished well. I completed most of the 21 obstacles over the 4.5 mile course. Times and age group rankings have not been posted yet; it will be interesting to see where I placed.

    So does BBS style HIT, combined with endurance/specific work for something like this? Yes. I was clearly having an easier time with the events you would imagine a BBSer would excel in… lifting, pulling, carrying, climbing. I recovered from them quickly too. A few that required real technique – traverse wall, climbing ropes – were hard. The course itself – rugged terrain up mountains – was the hardest part.

    Really not sure if I needed as much endurance training as I did. Part of me says yes, since I needed all the endurance possible… Part of me says no since running on the treadmill and outside is totally different from trails. Who knows. I think next time I’ll do less and start closer to the race as Doug Holland advised.

    I’m happy I did it and happy to return to strict BBS HIT after a bit of recovery time.

  3. @all: Would anyone mind summarizing some of the main concepts from RN’s free the animal on here? I’m not really interested in reading his whole blog/book but I’m duros what he’s about. I know he’s into rice/beans/potatoes but what else? Anything specific in terms of exercise?


  4. Doug Holland, So, you are training an old woman against her doctors advice. If the physical therapist in my facility did that they could possibly be fired and lose their license.

    Instead of bragging about making the sale you should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you think you know what is best for this lady. What medical school did you graduate from?

  5. Jay,

    You comments identify your small black bubble. Stick your head out and take a look around.

    Doctors commonly use the CYA method in recommending anything outside of their care, especially exercise. Why? because people do stupid things when they exercise.

    Doug Holland know what he is doing, far more than the vast majority (vast vast vast) of doctors out their, with regards to exercise and people with physical problems/illness.

    What elementary school did you graduate from?

  6. Oops, bad grammar/spelling. I graduated from Franklin elementary.

    Anyway, Jay, you are misguided and uninformed and it really showed with your last post.

  7. Jay,

    You allegations are intriguing. To evaluate the validity of your charge, I need more information:

    1). What specific medical conditions does this women have?

    2). Given these conditions, what risk does weight lifting pose to the health of this woman?

    3). Given these conditions, are all exercises prohibited, or only certain exercises?

    4). What specifically did the doctor tell her to avoid?

    5). What exercises has Doug suggested? How do these suggestions violate the doctors instructions? Given the health conditions that you have specifically detailed above, what risks do Duog’s suggested exercises pose?

    I’m hoping you can be very detailed, for the benefit of all, since you seem to be very informed about the specifics of this case.

  8. jay,
    I plead guilty,BUT…FYI,in addition to having been in this one-on-one training biz since 1983,I’m also a lic.phys therapy assistant.The top four physical therapists in my area send me their patients for post-eval exercise.And,75% of my clients are medical doctors.Sorry,you lose.
    Come down for a workout sometime.Your mind will be blown.

  9. MACH V Workout @
    Intelligent “EXERCISE”, Shreveport LA

    10 degree chest
    incline press
    trap bar deadlift
    trap bar deadlift
    hip and back extension

    Laid on the floor for @ least 10 minutes after the workout. It was cool…

  10. WOW 06/02/2014

    At Kieser 11am fasted (16hrs)

    Negative chins supinated close grip
    Triceps ext
    Chest Press
    Compound Row
    Leg curl seated
    Leg ext

    Post workout meal cooked mince/mushrooms/parboiled cooked then chilled white rice
    bowl of raspberries

    Relaxed, back to business work


  11. Jay

    I thought you read BBS?

    Doug has also discussed why medical insurance pressure forces doctors to prescribe ‘walking’ to patients so they do not get there ass sued to kingdom come.

    Save yourself


  12. Any idiot can rent a store front, throw in some exercise equipment and call themselves a personal trainer. No formal education is required, no state boards to pass, no state license to have approved, no CEU’s required.

    If the old ladys’ doctor says you don’t train those post surgical shoulders then don’t. If you are not a Registered Physical Therapist you are NOT qualified.

    Dr. McGuff?

  13. BTW, there is no such thing as a “licensed” physical therapy assistant. Beware of people who misrepresent themselves.

  14. Jay,

    You’re incorrect. From the American Physical Therapy Association website:

    “Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are licensed or certified in 49 states (Hawaii is the only state that does not regulate PTAs).”

  15. jay,
    I’m sure you are an adult gorilla by now.
    Any idea why????
    Come on ,your well read on HIT so you might know what I mean!!
    Calling DR. Mc.Guff for help. Ah ,I think he is proud to wear a shirt from that other doug.
    Oh ,btw any ‘idiot’ can hit the keyboard.
    As Pete say ,save yourself man .

  16. lol.

    Guys, we need to be a little easier on Jay. I think we’re just using different acronyms. He’s under the impression that ‘HIT’ means High Intensity Trolling.

    Once you look at his posts in this light, you start to ‘get’ him, although it could be argued that he’s actually more in the High Volume Trolling camp.

  17. Doug Holland will do more good for that old lady than any doctor minus some acute event. She is in good hands. Jay, you can set your worries aside.

  18. A question for the High Volume Troll (Jay).

    Ok not really a question for him, but food for thought for any non-commenting lurkers who are confused by the trollery:

    If I had two shoulder surgeries in the past (not very recently, but ‘previous’ly like the old lady), how would you get me stronger/more robust/injury resistant? How do you think a physical therapist would do it?

    Answer: resistance exercise.

    They’d use a volume approach, which is an artifact of tradition over against science. Much the same as a doctors recommendation that you avoid eggs if you’ve had a heart attack. It’s the opposite of what the science says, but it’s just the way we’ve always done it.

    But they would use some kind of strengthening exercises none the less. What is more, most therapists will work to get you moving again VERY soon, as soon as they can after the surgery, and well before you feel like moving, because they know that time is money. Or in this case, time is tissue, and the more time you don’t move, the more atrophy.

  19. If the worst thing that can happen is condemnation by a weirdo, then I think everything will be OK. If he starts talking nasally, puts on old glasses, grows a mustache and feathers his hair then we have a comedy skit. And this is coming from me who was heavily influenced and inspired by that description. And yes I do currently train once a week, and weigh 276 pounds. Every one has an opinion and they are like…well let’s be nice to people. Even one of the authors of BBS (who has his jock ridden by Mach this, Mach that) said that there is an army of little AJ’s and MM’s and that it is PATHETIC. Be your own guy and do your own thing to all of you weirdo’s. That author maybe reading this blog and thinking how weird the entries are getting. Of course he maybe so busy with running his life and does not concern himself with such weirdness.

  20. And yes, I am one of those “IDIOTS” that hope to get a storefront someday to HELP others, INSPIRE others, and be GOOD to others. I will have my day and it is directly influenced, inspired, and driven by meeting caring people on this blog. I have a business degree and my business will be to help people. And that’s the bottom line because I said so. I’m so HAPPY that I get the opportunity to learn on this blog from experts, novices….and weirdos.

  21. Look for a new entry on the directory part of the website by the end of the summer (here in North Texas).

  22. MWT,
    OME calves
    nautilus 2st legpress
    next generation seated legcurl
    nautilus 2st legpress
    nautilus 2st neck ext./flx.
    AHHH,felt fried but satisfied.
    The weight on the legpress was increased with 6 kg.and I was 1/2 a rep short of the previous workout.

    ‘Doug Holland will do more good for that old lady than any doctor minus some acute event. ‘

    Even if he ONLY offered that sip of beer(and maybe listening to his guitar playing.

    Regarding doc’s and acute event. Remember I wrote 2 weeks ago about some young one who got a bar of 135 kg on his lower back?? I called for an ambulance and thus secure transportation.The lady at the phone asked after some questions if I could get the boy to stand up.Hello…135 kg on his lower back so please sent my medical personal. A med came and after some examination he got the boy walking(very much like a robot because of pain and contracting muscles).Anyway last week I called his mother to see it was going and she told me he was in th OR at that very monent.She didn’t trust the whole situation(135 kg on his lower back) and forced a scan or photo of his lower back……a vertebrea was broken.
    Gets one thinking,right??

  23. Ad,

    It’s amazing that the mother had to force an X ray to be taken after the kid dropped that much weight on his lower back. That should be the minimum standard for medical personnel, no exception.

  24. Yes I know,actual this is scarry.Imagine what could happen if one listened to this lady at the emergency phone.I repeated several times…..135 kg on his lower back.

  25. Look up epic fails crossfit on youtube. it is HORRIBLE to watch. You will NEVER see anything like this on this blog. We do fail…to do dumb stuff.

  26. I Just watched “CrossFit Fail Compilation WOD aka Snap City” on youtube. The Australian commentator was hilarious (I think it’s a vegan fellow that goes by the name DurianRider, which many paleo folks won’t like, but he is funny; “hernia, hernia, hernia”, lol.). He boiled CrossFit down quite well with these words:

    “too heavy, too fast, bad form, against the clock”.


  27. great workout today.

    Seated cable fly.
    Pushup (scapular protraction at top).
    Standing Heel Raise machine
    Leverage Compound Row
    Spinal extension on seated cable row, NTF.
    Glute kick back machine.
    Bodyweight squats in bottom half of ROM, NTF.

    I managed to dial in weights pretty well such that I was failing at about 1:20 +/- 10 seconds on everything. The pump was intense, despite a little loitering between exercises in a crowded gym. Erectors are still feeling pumped after a 30 minute walk. Definitely enjoy this combination of movements today.

    Best of luck pressing on with your dream. As Robb Wolf says, the new paradygm has the gym as the primary care location – movement/nutrition/lifestyle design guidance is to be had there, affordably and safely. Most of our diseases of captivity can at least be prevented this way, if not treated.

  28. ” Most of our diseases of captivity can at least be prevented this way, if not treated.”

    The irony of the modern non Third World countries lie in the reality that one time our Judeo Christian work ethic led us to working ourselves to death. Now we have a tendencey to sit and eat ourselves to death.

  29. You guys just do not get how serious this post shoulder surgery care can be.

    Dr. McGuff, These guys look up to you. Please speak to this issue. The doctors orders were no shoulder exercise.

    That is all from me on this subject. Done.

  30. Training yesterday –

    Standing overhead press – MP
    curl grip pulldowns – MP
    Standing lateral-static hold
    KB swings- easy 100

  31. Jay,
    Nowhere can I read how long ago that surgery took place and/or how ‘bad’her shoulder condition was when visiting Doug H.
    Doug also said that the doc. was ignorant regarding exercis eand I really think that Doug was very carefull regarding the chosen exercises.He want his busines to stay and being destroyed.Value for value you know.
    I think that the doc. only had exercises fot the shoulder in mind that were bad anyway.Docs.(most) don’t know exercise).

  32. jay,
    ad is correct(and I wasn’t clear in the original post).The client’s surgeries took place over a decade ago,and from taking her doctor’s advice,she’s been inactive with her upper body,becoming weaker and weaker over the last twelve years.I’m going to help reverse that.Now,will you be able to sleep tonight?

  33. Wow 4

    X-Force leg curl
    X-Force Legpress
    X-Force Chest press
    X-Force Pulldown
    X-Force push down
    X-Force abs


  34. Eric,

    Excellent news on the Spartan race. I have seen similar events on our local Root Sports broadcast. Just finishing looks like an achievement in itself. Continued success on future endeavours.

  35. Jonas,

    Is this your second go at XForce? Am I correct in remembering that you had posted about your first experiment on the DrDarden website, which concluded with you being somewhat unsatisfied with your results?

    Are you doing anything different this time?

  36. Jon thanks! Placings are in and I was in the top 40%. Not bad for a lifetime of hit and 10 weeks of running.

  37. Does anybody know why the RenEx website doesn’t work?

    The old lady working with Doug Holland will be at least 10 years younger in 6-8 months time.

  38. Eric,

    That’s excellent brother. Great to hear that you were able to accomplish the race using a relatively low-mileage approach compared to the average person.

    If you think the snap city videos are funny, you should look up the Pee video, which was actually made by crossfit, and in which they essentially champion the fact that women routinely wet themselves doing “double-unders” and “box jumps.” If your workout doesn’t elicit incontinence, it’s clearly not hard enough. They need to refine their mantra:

    “Your warm up, and bathroom break, is our workout.”

    A compelling argument can be made that squatting and running won’t restore your pelvic floor to 100% if you spend the rest of your time atrophying in a chair. The idea that exercise can’t undo sedentary-ness has been sticking out for me recently.

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