I have gone back to some workouts emphasizing the full body.  While there is still some split emphasis, the whole body was covered in these workouts.  Both were done at UE.

5/05/14:  Calf on MedX Leg Press, Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Leg Press, MedX Chest Press, Weighted Plank

5/12/14:  Supervised (and video’d) by Instructor Joe Byers:  Nautilus Plate Load Biceps, SS Systems Pulldown, Nautilus Plate Load Triceps, MedX Chest Press, MedX Row with SS cam, MedX Leg Press (reclined “squat” position.

The first workout produced some mild ROBAT on day 2 post-workout that was handled by simply taking a nap.  Today’s workout….we’ll see.  The RenEx pre-exhaust arm routine is a Dura Mater (tough mother-in honor of mother’s day).  For the first couple of hours I felt great and very pumped.  Now the fatigue is setting in.  I will report back tomorrow.  This is definitely one of the most demanding routines I have come across.

In this posting I wanted to make everyone aware that I am opening an additional website: www.drmcguff.com.  I will still be posting my WOW’s and commentary here, and the blog posts will also be available at my new website under the heading “Learn”.  The focus of the new website will be to showcase the products and services that I offer.   Consultations can be scheduled through an online calendar.  Speaking engagements, weekend seminars, and consultations for corporate fitness center, hospital wellness programs can also be accessed there.  The Body by Science Youtube channel can be accessed under the “Watch” heading and I plan on adding content on a much more regular basis.  Finally, my web gurus have insisted that I engage in social media as a means of drawing in more traffic.  I should be participating on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  Please be patient as I have ZERO experience with social media.  I have gotten my pinky toe a little wet by posting some images and video to Instagram from my workout today.  My Instagram account is listed under ultimate_exercise_.  Go give a look and do what you can to get me started.  Any pointers from those more experienced is appreciated.

My intent is to get much more video and instructional content out there for folks to watch.  I know it can get boring just posting and discussing.  Hopefully this will result in more and better content for everyone to follow.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.