W.O.W.’s 5/04 and 5/12/14-My New Website

I have gone back to some workouts emphasizing the full body.  While there is still some split emphasis, the whole body was covered in these workouts.  Both were done at UE.

5/05/14:  Calf on MedX Leg Press, Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown, MedX Leg Press, MedX Chest Press, Weighted Plank

5/12/14:  Supervised (and video’d) by Instructor Joe Byers:  Nautilus Plate Load Biceps, SS Systems Pulldown, Nautilus Plate Load Triceps, MedX Chest Press, MedX Row with SS cam, MedX Leg Press (reclined “squat” position.

The first workout produced some mild ROBAT on day 2 post-workout that was handled by simply taking a nap.  Today’s workout….we’ll see.  The RenEx pre-exhaust arm routine is a Dura Mater (tough mother-in honor of mother’s day).  For the first couple of hours I felt great and very pumped.  Now the fatigue is setting in.  I will report back tomorrow.  This is definitely one of the most demanding routines I have come across.

In this posting I wanted to make everyone aware that I am opening an additional website: www.drmcguff.com.  I will still be posting my WOW’s and commentary here, and the blog posts will also be available at my new website under the heading “Learn”.  The focus of the new website will be to showcase the products and services that I offer.   Consultations can be scheduled through an online calendar.  Speaking engagements, weekend seminars, and consultations for corporate fitness center, hospital wellness programs can also be accessed there.  The Body by Science Youtube channel can be accessed under the “Watch” heading and I plan on adding content on a much more regular basis.  Finally, my web gurus have insisted that I engage in social media as a means of drawing in more traffic.  I should be participating on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  Please be patient as I have ZERO experience with social media.  I have gotten my pinky toe a little wet by posting some images and video to Instagram from my workout today.  My Instagram account is listed under ultimate_exercise_.  Go give a look and do what you can to get me started.  Any pointers from those more experienced is appreciated.

My intent is to get much more video and instructional content out there for folks to watch.  I know it can get boring just posting and discussing.  Hopefully this will result in more and better content for everyone to follow.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

233 thoughts on “W.O.W.’s 5/04 and 5/12/14-My New Website”

  1. Bryce,

    You better watch your frequency there. You are surely headed for a severe case of ROBAT. Perhaps you shouldn’t post for another 10-14 days. Then you’ll come back posting bigger and stronger. I’m sure that Jay um I mean Grant would approve of this message.

  2. Thomas,

    I just had a thought. I think that its a very real possibility that Grant is Batman and that Jay is Robin! It makes perfect sense now. Grant is the greatest and best Student. He is very articulate and doesn’t get his feathers ruffled. Jay is a little more erratic and quickly resorts to accusations, name calling etc. Just as the young under study would be apt to do. Notice how Grant addresses The Boy Wonder in his latest posts. Almost in a father figure mentoring way.

    Coincidence?? Perhaps. Maybe not though.

  3. Doug,

    I can so picture the drink spewing out the nose!!

    We are having fun here now and even with the characters we have, there hasn’t been that over the line nonsense that was going on. Its a fun place to visit and I like almost everyone here.

  4. On a serious note, the debate about this stuff is never ending. We are here because we love the stuff (most of us) or there would be no point because really there are so many ways to do this stuff and get results.
    It does come down to goals, how much one wants to invest in the way of time and energy etc. I’ve done the extended recovery at times simply because I had other things going on that were sparking my passions at the time. So I trained every other week or so never worrying about it past that. I’ve done the Big 5 once a week for long periods. If stressed it may be a Big 3 one week.

    Lately I’ve upped the volume slightly and have trained a little more often, sometimes pushing the envelope and it has most definitely improved my appearence espeecially at first. Summer is coming and I’ll likely be outdoors doing all sorts of active stuff so it will be very brief, very intense WO’s about every 4-7 days depending on the rest of my life. No angst, no worries. Been doing this for 25 years now. The foundation is built. Sometimes I over extend to make those small improvements because I want to.

    At the end of the day I keep my diet reasonable eating mostly real food and I’ll look and feel better than most people my age and many many people years younger.

    Love this stuff!! Best medicine there is.

  5. Bryce,


    Would you settle for videos done in their Bat Suits??

    I’m sure we’ll never see a photo or video from whoever it is. But hey, can’t hurt to ask!

  6. Ok I’ll let some others chime in. I’m headed for a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome with this level of volume, frequency and inroad……



  7. I’m 5 years older than Grant, so I guess that makes me Batman.

    My opinion matters little. Within the past month I’ve learned that Dr. Ellington Darden, and Jim Flanagan both recommend recovery of 10 days, and of course there is the teachings of the late Mike Mentzer. How many other professional trainers are there now doing the same?

    Grant and I describe ourselves as students, what are you?

    Oct. 11th, I invite you all to come cheer me on at the Natural Physique Commitees’ masters competition in Virginia. You can take turns rubbing posing oil on my back. I will bring a roller brush so it doesn’t take too long. I may need a whole gallon of oil.

    John K., I will be signing autographs.

  8. Jay,

    Had you mentioned John Little I would have swore you posted under the wrong account LOL

    We are all students here.

  9. Jay,

    If you’re being serious about the competition, then that’s awesome. Maybe copy an Aaron Baker posing routine?;)

  10. Doug or others, had a question regarding the double pre-exhaust arm routine. Do you drop the weight on the second exercise? In another words if I am starting with seated curl, do I drop the weight on the pull down? If so, by how much would you recommend? Also I seemed to recall in the Rex-Ex manual that it was recommended that the biceps curl exercise be performed below shoulder level and the tricep extension exercise be performed above shoulder level? Is that accurate? Why is that? For my own set up, I have a seated curl that is only slightly below shoulder level (MedX – like the old Nautilus Omni where the shoulder is flush with the elbow pad and a MedX seated dip instead of a tricep extension, where the elbow is definitely below shoulder. Does it make any difference in the effectiveness of the workout?

  11. Thomas, I am serious about the competition. If they allow me, I will incorporate my latin solo cha cha moves. Young women seem to love my Cuban motion hips. Have you ever watched dancing bodybuilders posing? They always get a great response.

    I did some db lateral raises today, [no Nautilus in my gym], with the Darden negative accentuated 30-30-30 protocol. The final 30 seconds, which was actually 18 sec. was brutal. I am sure I went beyond positive failure.

    JT, IMO pre exhaustion is a fallacy, wishful hope that fresh muscles can force a weakened muscle to have additional micro trauma to the targeted muscle. If you want extra micro trauma to the muscle, let’s say bicep, you would need to use more weight in your seated curl machine, lift with two arms to the contracted position, lower slowly and continue until negative failure. You will have extreme stimulus, but it may take much longer to recover than you are willing to wait.

    It’s all about getting the correct formula for stimulus and recovery just right. The correct formula, IMO, can be found in Dr. Ellinton Dardens’ new book, Bodyfat Breakthrough.

  12. Here is an interesting article from Big Jim Flanagan’s web site on overtraining:

    www dot properstrengthtraining dot com/blog/high-intensity-strength-training-are-you-overtraining/

  13. Jay,

    I know you believe what you do,and I believe what I believe.

    I was wrong to bust your balls like I did. Im sorry for being not so nice. I apologize.

    Ive been at this a while and speaking for myself I know what im capable of and what works for “me” and what does not.

    Anything past 10 days,or even if I stay at ten for over and month everything starts to go south for “me”. Ive tried to take it out to 14 days, I did this for 2 and a half months. I tried once every 21 days. No good for me.

    So I could have tried to come across different and explain why I do what I do.

    It took me over three years to learn that extended days did not work well for me.

    In my case,doing Squats and pulldowns on my workout A days and deadlift and dips on my B days did not work well. I became de- conditioned and looked soft is spite of getting stronger.

    I wish you good luck with your competition.

  14. I think the HD2 ideal routine with rest days of a week or more “may” have been where Mike was headed.

    Ray for one thought this about the ideal routine after talking with him about my HD experience. Im talking about several years of going back and forth with HD and some variations.

    We talked for over two hours about this. At the end we both agreed on one many things The most important one was that there is more important things in life than bodybuilding.

  15. Jay,

    I recommend you don’t incorporate your Latin dance into a posing routine. It won’t look good (especially if you only sport a 14″ upper arm). That great response you’re talking about is actually the crowd laughing. The girls want real men poses! Like most muscular and lat spreads. DO NOT cha-cha your hips on stage. Please!

  16. Jay,
    Do you remember Mike mentzer’s ideas about posing…..HEROIC expression with dramatic music.
    I never loked dancing BB although your correct that some BB got the audience cheering with dance acts….if the total package was fit to do the dance.many got also a pretty face so to speak.Think the difference between Flex Wheeler and Dorian Yates.

    I do babelcurl for the biceps followed by underhand pullup,that leaves maybe 1 1/2 rep on the pullup.The way I CAN control my muscles makes sure that the biceps work as hard as possible while the lats. fill in the gap for eventually completing a rep or trying as hard as possible. The barbellcurl by itself leaves some strength that I get after in the pullup.Nothing magic ,just….ah whatever.
    The continiously mentioning of trainers who advocate this or that gets really boring Jay.

  17. Jay, how tall are you? What is your weight now, and what do you hope it will be on October 11th? First competition?

    Best of luck with your preparations!

  18. Thomas

    A fat free muscular well shaped 14″ arm can be impressive Consider Bruce Lee? I would guess under 14″ and in context looks great as part of the overall package

    In good humour, Brian

  19. Simon,

    You bring up a couple good points about life stressors, HIT, and recovery-type modalities. I’ve always thought that SS/HIT and something like Tai Chi would be the perfect coupling. I have a few clients who do both and really feel that their practice has been “supercharged.”

    This comes as no surprise; my first boss always used to describe what we do as “Tai Chi with Weights” if “Yoga on steroids” didn’t work!

  20. 5/21 WOW
    193.6 BWT
    Hammer row 180 1:34
    Hammer bench 140 1:21
    chins BW :40 (straight set, no rest pause or negative)
    Hammer shoulder 90 1:14
    Nautilus nitro LP 320 2:00
    Tire flips

    TULs slightly down after a weekend in Vegas. It happens.

    10 days until my spartan race. This was my last weight workout. I trained in my spartan gear – compression. I have to admit, the stuff feels good.

  21. @ Jay

    Ok, my bodybuilding infatuation side has been flushed out. I too would like to do a show in probably 18 months. I would be in a masters category by that time. Whatever your routine, give it everything you have. Listen to your inner voice and OWN it.

  22. @ Skyler

    Funny you say that. I was talking with an associate the other day about muscular contraction body-weight techniques and Tai Chi. 800 thousand plus people have adopted it, right? Of course I am taken back to the hotel seen In “Vision Quest”, but hey to each their own.

  23. Thomas, My upper arm is 14 3/4 inches with a 6 inch wrist, not 14 in. as you posted. I started with 12 1/2 in. in July 2008. I’m glad you prompted me to get the tape measure out, because the arm has added 1/4 inch since adding extra rest days, and I do not do any curls or tri. ext.. If you want to know what potential you have in various body parts there are at least 2 sites on the net that give formulas, based on wrist and other joint sizes.

    Ad, IMO your lats can not force your biceps to work harder with pre exhaust, and the barbell curl is the worst exercise for the biceps; there is little resistance at the start,and no resistance at the top. In the last 11 months at my new gym I’ve found the Nautilus Leverage pulldown, and Nautilus One row, which I alternate every other WO to be sufficient for the biceps and keeps my symmetry intact.

    A BBS big 3 is a great stimulus!

    Grant, Thanks again. I’m going to the Bat cave now.

  24. Jay,
    It’s not that my lats force the biceps to work harder,but that I keep involving the lats during the pullup to keep the rep going .My biceps are already working max.
    Depending on which point I am in the rep this can be just enough to complete the rep and thus get more out of the negative for the biceps.
    I’m talking here 2 reps maximum so in my opinion the BB curl got most out of the biceps since I can do more reps fresh. It depends on how you can keep tension on the biceps.Mind-body.
    I personal get a better result with doing also a BB curl instead of only doing pulling movements.I’m talking one set every 3 weeks or so and the stimulus of pulling once every 3 weeks.See my last workout last saturday.
    Shortly I also incorperated side/rear laterals for the same reason.The rows and shouklder press don’t give just that little bit extra development.Gives a better visual impression although qua function in daily life this wouldn’t be necessary.

  25. Eric,

    mass gains squandered in vegas, stay in vegas.

    Just kidding. hope it was a blast.

    Jay Rhine, our arms/wrists are the same size! Brothers from anotha motha!

    Although I’m 6 feet tall, so they aren’t exactly impressive. The only thing that really betrays my training in street clothes is my upper back. And perhaps arm vascularity (cue Stewie Griffin voice).

  26. JT,

    The recommendation about arms relative shoulder position in bicep/triceps movements was to avoid a position of active insufficiency, and keep positioned where the muscle can express the most force output. If the arm is positioned too high in biceps, you run into some degree of active insufficiency…further contraction is difficult due to the muscle “bottoming out” or being so contracted that force output diminishes.

    This is relevant to ideal equipment design, but is a derivative concept. The movements that you are using are fine IMO. More important is your form, intent while exercising are focus on working the muscle as hard as you can.

  27. Not sure what prompted it, but I found myself reading about Sergio Oliva, about whom I was generally ignorant save that he possessed massive arms. I think I wanted to be reminded of just how small my sub 15″ arms are. That did it.

    21 inch forearms, 23 inch arms, 58 inch chest, 28 inch wast, 30-32 inch thighs. Simply unimaginable. All at a height of 5’11”.

    Here’s another data point for your theory that muscle mass is one of the best predictors of one’s ability to survive medical trauma: I only now learned that Sergio was shot 5 times in the abdomen by his then wife in 1986. He lived another 26 years. Although perhaps both this recovery and his muscular size were both downstream effects of a generally heightened metabolic activity that enabled fast recovery? Was he wolverine?

  28. Bryce,

    Nah…he was probably just damn lucky. That is the great thing about a handgun…it is a great equalizer. Puts a 98 pound woman on equal ground with the Sergio sized man breaking into her house.

    Now if he, or anyone else had a protracted course in the ICU on a ventilator getting nothing but IV nutrition for a few weeks….then yes, muscle mass can save you.

  29. Bryce,

    Sergio was indeed the Myth, but he did not have 23″ arms, only a pair of “20 and a bit”.
    Skinny really lol

  30. WOW:

    Been moving people out of school all week after finishing undergrad with honors! Anyway, I was pretty beat between that and the Big 3 max pyramid from last week. Also won’t have a WO for 12 days due to a hiking trip to Iceland. Hopefully the DOMAS isn’t too bad as I conquer some glaciers.

    Back TSC on the floor then..
    Max pyramid leg press
    Max pyramid chest press
    Max pyramid pulldown
    2 min plank

    I improved a lot on pulldown and chest press. I attribute that to focusing more on my lats and chest respectively, rather than biceps and triceps. Got worse on the leg press. I’m done with max pyramid for a while.

  31. Jay,

    Sorry I missed the 3/4 inches. BTW, if you’re to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding, it’s time to embellish your numbers. You now have a 16.5 inch upper arm cold. Nice job! That was easy.

  32. Doug, is it just the long head of the biceps that is subject to active insufficiency as the degree of shoulder flexion becomes too great? The short head’s origin should allow it to work hard (along with the brachialis) in all forms of elbow flexion (I hope). The reason I ask is that I have a friend who only does supinated grip seated rows — with a rela-
    tively wide grip — for his biceps. Is he
    short-changing the long head at all, or is it still being worked, just . . . not as hard?

    On a different note, I worked out along-
    side Sergio in August of 1967 at the Duncan “Y” in Chicago. I was there as a guest of my friend who was one helluva Olympic lifter (Jr. National champ). Sergio respected the hell out of good Olympic lifters (his roots) and my friend Gene was one of his best buddies at Duncan.
    He (Sergio) was the most positive, kindest
    and most supportive Iron Game celebrity I ever met and his combination of strength and endurance in those workouts verged on
    the preternatural.

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