I woke up late Saturday after getting home around 2am from working a very busy evening shift.  I did the following workout for shoulders and arms.

MedX Overhead Press

Infimetric Rear Deltoid Fly

Infimetric Lateral Raise

Thick Bar Biceps Curl

Nautilus Plate Load Triceps (with SS retrofits)

Reverse EZ Bar Curl

Thick Bar Wrist Flexion

This was a very effective workout.  The infimetric shoulder work was incredible.  I am always amazed at how quickly and deeply I can inroad with infimetrics.  The same goes for timed static contraction.  With both of these methods I can achieve such a deep level of inroad that I cannot even move my infimetric device or keep in contact with my yoga blocks.  Infimetrics and TSC both seem to illustrate how much we might be able to “hide” during standard, dynamic load-based training.  With infimetrics and TSC I can only last about 45-60 seconds with a graded intent of 50%, 75% and then 100% effort.  With TSC this means each period at a given effort level lasts only 15-20 seconds.

With standard dynamic repetitions I have been using the graded rep intent method (25% on the 1st rep, 50% on 2nd, 75% on 3rd and 100% on all subsequent reps).  I have found that if I am vigilant against any sandbagging that I rarely make it beyond the fourth repetition. This results in a TUL of around 1:20-1:30, which is a fairly short TUL but still not 45-60 seconds.  I am not certain if this is a result of the opportunity to “hide” or sandbag, or if it is simply a difference in modality.  One thing is for certain, using my infimetric device that I constructed out of plumbing pipe from Lowe’s for about $7.00 has resulted in an almost infinite return on investment.  I will attach some photos below of my first 3 exercises in this week’s WOW.


That little device can be used for lateral raise, rear delt fly, chest fly, biceps and triceps and can inroad the targeted musculature to china in about a minute.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.