I hope all had a great Thanksgiving.  I apologize for the long absence (long enough to accumulate 472 posts) but things have been very busy lately.  My most recent WOW was my “back” portion of my 5-way split routine (chest and neck flexion, back and neck extension, shoulders/upper traps, arms, legs and abs).  I did the following at UE on Black Friday after all the client workouts had been done.

Chin Ups

Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits

MedX Row with SS retrofit

Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown

Neck Extension on SS Systems Neck

I have been allowing 5 days between sessions.  My other two workouts were done at Fike and were as follows:

Legs/Abs:  Calf Exercise, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press, Hammer Clam-shell Abdominal- All sets done to simple failure.  All movements felt good except for leg curl which had  a very poor strength curve (lost range of motion with each rep).

Chest/Neck Flexion:  Hammer Chest Press, Cable Chest Fly, Hammer Incline Press, Manual Neck Flexion- Each weighted movement was done with a heavy weight and then a drop-set with about 40% less weight.  The neck flexion was a manual done with 10 second cadence for 4 reps.

Due to extreme business in the medical side of life, I have not had time to include a topic with this posting.  Please post your WOW’s and continue any discussions in a professional and courteous manner.  Once things settle down, I will be able to generate more substantive posts.

Post your WOWs and your thoughts.