W.O.W.’s for 10/4 and 10/9/13

In an attempt to adjust to erosion of my recovery ability by a protracted period of ER work, I have embarked upon a 5 way split that I will perform about once every 4th-5th day.  Thus, each muscle group will be encountered once every 20-25 days (minus some minor overlap).  I have done two of the five so far.  I am trying to keep the number of exercises to 4 or 5.  So far I have really liked the effect.  The most amazing thing is that I am seeing growth in the areas not yet trained, indicating that my time clock for recovery may be more extensive than I had been allowing for.

9/4- MedX Chest Press (seat 2, back 6, 4 holes, horizontal grips), TSC chest fly with yoga blocks, MedX Chest Press (seat 5, back 6, 4 holes, vertical grips, 40% original weight), SuperSlow Systems Neck Flexion.

9/9- SuperSlow Systems Pulldown, Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits, MedX Compound Row with SS retrofits, SuperSlow Systems Neck Extension.

Planned workouts:  -Lateral raise, Rear Delt fly, Overhead Press, Shrug

-SuperSlow Systems Biceps, Pulldown, Nautilus Triceps Extension, Chest Press, EZ reverse Curl with Fat Gripz

-Calf Exercise, Lumbar Extension, Leg Press, Abdominal – Or at Fike: Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Squat, Abdominal

For those that asked, the RenEx rotating routines used with their competitive bodybuilders are as follows:

A: Calf, Leg Press, Pulldown, Chest Press

B: Bicep, Pulldown, Triceps, Chest Press, Compound Row, Pushup, Squat position Leg Press

C: Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Simple Row, Compound Row, Overhead Press

My idea behind my split routine mirrors Henry’s,  allow enough time for local muscular recovery within a frequency that does not result in decompensation.  Depending on the intensity of my work schedule, I can rotate between the 5 way split, the RenEx rotating routines and simple Big 3 type routines that others here are using.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts

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  1. Getting back to the subject of split routines,I remember a conversation I had with Ray Mentzer a few months before his death.

    He told me that the consolidation routine taken to extremes such as 3 sets once every 10 to 14 days was not a good idea.

    We talked about my experience with the ideal routine in HD 2 and then moving to the consolidation routine per Mike’s instructions.

    He thought doing the ideal routine with 8 days rest in between would be a good place to start from what I told him.

    When you think about it the chest and back day,and the shoulders and arms day hit you whole upper torso just to different extents. I was doing back extensions instead of deadlifts in my case.

    After three cycles I stopped.

    I worked 50 to 60 hours a week in a very demanding job.

    Everyone is different but I went back to 3-5 exercises fullbody once or twice a week. Once in a while add a NTF day.

    My results we better in every way

    I was listening to a clip of Jones saying that if you were having a problem with recovery to add some ntf workouts to keep from atrophy. He was talking about people who may only be able to train to failure once every two or three weeks.

    If it were me I would do the latter before a split.

    But everyone is not the same.

  2. Dave S:
    I have recently done a few simple experiments to judge the rate of recovery of the differemt types of muscle fibres of my chest and biceps. Ive noticed that anything over five repetitions can be replicated within 6 hours of rest after performing the exercise to a point of failure. This is probably due to intermediate and slow twitch fibre recovery. However, it took a full 48 hours for me to perform my 1 rep max again with the same exercise. namely barbell curl. I was very shocked at the rate of recovery form my slow and intermediate twitch fibres, but was also amazed at how long it took for my fast twitch fibres to recover. These fibres are the ones most responsible for muscle size changes, and so this perhaps suggests that some NTF training may well do no harm and the extra stimulation of these fibres between hard workouts may contribute to additional growth, or perhaps promote recovery of the fast twitch fibres! Just an observation!

  3. Bradley

    Im not concerned with my fiber type. But I understand what your saying.

    I though this was about hit strength training. But I can see its more about body building now in some cases.

  4. “Every workout we performed was accompanied by great results, but the workouts where the results were absolutely off the charts were when we had more than 5 days off. And the last workout (number 9) we saw the greatest strength increases and rep increases and we had almost 2 weeks off from the previous workout”.

    I lifted this from the successful “Boise Experiment” site The recovery thing, as also described by JL following one of his own experiments, is probably the final frontier. I’m “due” to train tomorrow a week after last wow, however in respect to above I will wait until 12 days have passed, quite difficult I can already feel the training angst, but will substitute some road cycling which also provides the endorphin rush that I like.

  5. I personally think that while overtraining is an issue with idiotic magazine routines, undertraining is much bigger one. If you believe you can train only once a week, you’ll find ways to prove this to yourself and get the results you expect. Sure, it’s the most efficient way, but for most, two or even three workouts a week are better for hypertrophy. Two if you are cautious. But if you start with the mindset “This is who I am, a hardgainer”, that is not the best place to be.

  6. WOW

    1)Chest press
    2)Seated row
    5)Dumbell shrugs
    6)Leg press

    Been working on using good form, better more efficient inroading for some time now with little to no concern for weights used, reps or TUL. I am visibly bigger over this time and especially in the last few weeks. So this last WO I cranked the weight up to numbers I haven’t used in some time and never with real good form. I was significantly stronger on every exercise so much so that it surprised me.

  7. Ondrej

    There is something in what you say as we are all subject to the power of suggestion. However I think we are all trying to find, albeit on a subjective basis, what is optimal for the physiology. There are too many examples of extended frequency yielding great results for me to ignore. I was reminded by the Boise boys success in gaining strength and hypertrophy to give lower frequency a fair trial.

  8. I have been experimenting with cycling the frequency i.e. fewer rest days then more rest days.

    I have however been feeling my best on an every 4th or 5th day schedule. i find that if I go a week or even more I lose something. There is that certain drive needed to train intensley and too many days off seems to lessen my ability to go there so to speak.

  9. Brian F.

    Do you or anyone know what the Boise boys are doing now?

    Im wondering now that a few years have past.

  10. WOW

    MedEx – Row
    MedEx – CP
    MedEx – CP/flys
    MedEx – LP

    Doug is back in town and came over and observed all three of us. It’s always good to have that critique. Very easy to lapse into form errors.


  11. Dave S

    No I checked around their site and could not find anything further to the experiment.

    What I anticipate with my own extended frequency trial is that after 12 days of recovery, I will be just that, completely recovered, probably chomping at the bit and able to mentally focus like a laser on getting the most out of the movements. To try and fend off ROBAT I will limit movements to 2 – 3 max including the JC curl challenge I posted about earlier that continues to go very well.

  12. Dave S,

    I’m with you on that. As I said before, I lose that tenacity and ability to reallly empty the tank. Then I become less interested in the whole process as just too much time goes by between sessions.

    I’ve tried many different frequencies and for me less than 1 WO every 7 or so days just doesn’t work out very well. I’m really settling in on about 1 WO every 4-5 days. Keeps me mentally ready all the time and I feel better in general. If something in life creates extra stress for a period I’ll adjust and train closer to that 7th day.

  13. Has anyone ever heard of the “1 Rep Gym”? It is a 10 in 1 overcoming isometric machine with a load sensor that goes for $3,500 USD. The promo videos could be better and it needs better software to compete in the “home gym market”. I think it chases load a bit too fast.

  14. October 18, 2013


    Nitro Back Extension
    Nitro Leg Press
    Nitro Compound Row
    Nitro Overhead Press
    Nitro Abdominal TSC

    Stacy will workout next week.

  15. This was new. Got my WOW in, obviously, I posted it. Then promptly took a nap. I still feel like a pushed my Subaru up the extinct volcano a few miles away. Lower TUL, more weight.

  16. I have been looking at youtube videos about Richard Feynman. If I can apply his attitude on learning towards this exercise stuff (which I feel as if I have been doing), I’ll be alright. The Manhattan Project, the ideal exercise program, what’s the difference, huh?

  17. David L,

    Many people, myself included, just find it a lot easier to control calories by loweIring food patability. Steaks and buttered baked potatoes can have similar macronutrient profiles, but many will find it easier to limit calories eating the steak/potato whole foods option. Is this wrong? If the goal is limiting calories, than shouldn’t the strategy that optimizes my compliance be encouraged, vice “avoided like the plague.”

    Note that I do occasionally eat cheese burgers, but keep minimally processed meats and tubers as my staples. Note also the example of appropriate use of quotation marks.

    Much love.

  18. I meant to say it’s easier (for some) to limit calories by eating steak and potatoes than it would be eating cheese burgers and fries, despite similar root ingredients.

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