In an attempt to adjust to erosion of my recovery ability by a protracted period of ER work, I have embarked upon a 5 way split that I will perform about once every 4th-5th day.  Thus, each muscle group will be encountered once every 20-25 days (minus some minor overlap).  I have done two of the five so far.  I am trying to keep the number of exercises to 4 or 5.  So far I have really liked the effect.  The most amazing thing is that I am seeing growth in the areas not yet trained, indicating that my time clock for recovery may be more extensive than I had been allowing for.

9/4- MedX Chest Press (seat 2, back 6, 4 holes, horizontal grips), TSC chest fly with yoga blocks, MedX Chest Press (seat 5, back 6, 4 holes, vertical grips, 40% original weight), SuperSlow Systems Neck Flexion.

9/9- SuperSlow Systems Pulldown, Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits, MedX Compound Row with SS retrofits, SuperSlow Systems Neck Extension.

Planned workouts:  -Lateral raise, Rear Delt fly, Overhead Press, Shrug

-SuperSlow Systems Biceps, Pulldown, Nautilus Triceps Extension, Chest Press, EZ reverse Curl with Fat Gripz

-Calf Exercise, Lumbar Extension, Leg Press, Abdominal – Or at Fike: Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Squat, Abdominal

For those that asked, the RenEx rotating routines used with their competitive bodybuilders are as follows:

A: Calf, Leg Press, Pulldown, Chest Press

B: Bicep, Pulldown, Triceps, Chest Press, Compound Row, Pushup, Squat position Leg Press

C: Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Simple Row, Compound Row, Overhead Press

My idea behind my split routine mirrors Henry’s,  allow enough time for local muscular recovery within a frequency that does not result in decompensation.  Depending on the intensity of my work schedule, I can rotate between the 5 way split, the RenEx rotating routines and simple Big 3 type routines that others here are using.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts