I was getting ready to go down to UE for my WOW when I found my cell phone.  I had a voicemail from Washington State that came in at around 2am.  A second voicemail had been left later in the morning.  When I checked the messages, I found the most devastating news imaginable.

It is with a heavy heart and unimaginable sadness that I inform BBS followers and the HIT community at large that my dear friend Greg Anderson has died.  Greg introduced me to real HIT in May of 1997 when I made the pilgrimage to Ideal Exercise in Seattle to be trained by who I would come to regard as the best HIT trainer who ever lived.  I remember the five-sets of devastation like it was yesterday.  I wore a brand new pair of Reebok shoes when he put me through that workout.  They have been my training shoes ever since that day.  Every workout I have done at UE has been with those shoes, simply because I wanted to recapture some of the magic that Greg delivered to me that day.  Later that year, I would open UE based on the inspiration Greg provided and I returned to be certified by Greg because no-one else would do.  I could have been certified by Ken Hutchins himself, but I chose to travel across the continent to be certified by Greg.  Greg introduced me to my childhood hero Mike Mentzer.  Greg set a new course for my life when I met him in May of 1997.  I have sought his counsel on all issues great and small since that time.  He is quite simply one of the greatest minds I have encountered in my 50 years on Earth…and now he is gone.   I spoke at length with his wife Ann-Marie and she asked me to notify the community of Greg’s passing.  After making some difficult phone calls, I went down to UE for my WOW.  I cried as I laced up my 1997 Reeboks.  I will not post my WOW, instead I will post my WOW that Greg put me through in May of 1997.  I will post a more formal memorial in a few days, but no matter how good I will try to make it, it will fall short of doing justice to this legend of a man.

Nautilus Power Plus Leg Extension (with custom fall-off cam)

Nautilus Power Plus Leg Press

Nautilus Rowing Torso (cams flipped for proper fall-off effect)

Nautilus Compound Row (static hold)

Nautilus Flat Bench Press Machine.

As I lay on the floor, he handed me a tiny Dixie Cup of water which I could not hold without spilling.

I invite all to post their memories and sympathies.