I am reluctant to post this week’s WOW because I don’t want to stop the incredible thread generated by the RenEx conference.  Please feel free to continue your discussions and debates on this week’s WOW.

MedX Overhead Press

Ghetto infimetric lateral raise

TSC simple row (using yoga blocks laying on floor)

Nautilus Plateload bicep

Nautilus Plateload tricep

Formulator flex/ext

Calf Exercise

I made a “ghetto” infimetric device out of a 30 inch threaded plumbing pipe with 2 90-degree connectors on either end and 8 inch handles attached to the connectors.  With this you can do lateral raise, rear delts, biceps and triceps (over the head), chest fly and wrist flex/extension.  I also figured out that I can use yoga blocks against the lower portion of the MedX leg press’s 4-bar linkage to perform TSC leg extension.  Unfortunately, you cannot do leg curl because the seat carriage will pull forward.  It is amazing how being on the RenEX iMachines opens your eyes to creative possibilities.  I am also amazed at how TSC with feedback has improved my ability to feel my way through infimetric sets.  Use of TSC and infimetrics have proved very useful as a stand-alone as well as a pre-exhaust for dynamic work.  The pre-exhaust allows me to use a lighter weight on some of the MedX equipment and get around the sticking point issues that are problematic at heavier weights.  Also, for reasons that I cannot quite articulate, infimetrics seems to highlight the potential of TSC and vice-versa.

It is truly impressive how playing around on very expensive and sophisticated RenEx equipment has taught me how to get so much out of 25 bucks worth of yoga blocks and plumbing pipe.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.