My ER schedule continues to be erratic and a circadian hell.  As a consequence I have followed the 3-way split yet again.  Each workout does not dip so deep into recovery that I cannot work a shift the next day.


MedX Overhead Press, Nautilus Plateloader Bicep, Nautilus Plateloader Tricep, Reverse Curl, Formulator Flexion


SuperSlow Systems Pulldown, Nautilus Pullover, MedX Chest Press, MedX Row with SS cam, Calf Press


Lumbar Extension with SSS Pulldown, MedX Leg Press, SS Neck Flex/Ext

Recently, I was reminded of the power of habit.  My daughter had been a thumb-sucker since she had been in the womb and continued to do so until her permanent incisors came in.  The result was a significant overbite.  Not long ago she decided to quit of her own volition.  I was so impressed by her willpower and bravery in giving up this security measure that had served her for her entire life.  She even painted her thumb with a tincture of hot pepper before bed so she would not suck her thumb in her sleep.

Despite these measures, the damage was done.  She had a persistent overbite.  The overbite caused her to swallow by tongue thrusting (pushing into the opening of the overbite) rather than raking the tongue into the roof of the mouth.  This tendency perpetuated and worsened the overbite.  We therefore ended up at the orthodontist’s office.  He ended up recommending a “spinner”.  The spinner is mounted between the upper molars and a wire carries forward toward the hard palate just behind the incisors.  Threaded over this wire, just behind the central incisors, is a ceramic cylinder that spins over the wire.  My daughter was instructed that every time she swallows, she was to use her tongue to spin the cylinder backwards.  Also, when she was just sitting around, she was to use her tongue to spin the cylinder in a backward direction.  I must admit that I did not have much confidence that this would change much of anything.  Boy was I wrong!  Within a few weeks, her overbite has almost completely corrected and her profile has changed dramatically.

This experience has reminded me how much little habits can change us…for the better, or the worse.  Little things like posture can likely make dramatic changes in our appearance and health.  The tiny bad habits with regard to our diet are what hold us back from our ideal body composition, even as we obsess over what we eat.  Little dog trails of bad thinking that run through our brains may be holding us back more than we know.  Small replacements of tiny habits may be just what we need to make massive change.

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