W.O.W.’s 9/6/12, 9/9/13 & 9/12/12-The 3-way Split and Suggestions for My RenEx Talk

This posting will give a representation of my 3-way split.  I have been working essentially every other day for a long stretch and with lots of wild swings of circadian rhythm.  During times like this I subdivide the workout into less demanding chunks and increase the frequency to fit into the UE and ER schedule.  It has worked nicely because the smaller workouts do not take such a toll on recovery.

9/6/12- Done with free weights in the Garage since UE was booked solid

Overhead Press

EZ Bar Curl

EZ Reverse Curl

EZ Bar Skull crushers for triceps

Wrist Flexion

9/9/12 -done at UE

SuperSlow Systems Pulldown- Jreps halves

Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits

MedX Chest Press

Timed Static Contraction Rowing torso (lying on floor)

MedX Row with fall-off cam

Calf Raise on MedX Leg Press


Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown

MedX Leg Press (TSC followed by dynamic at 50% of my usual resistance).  Half the resistance was very heavy…only got 3 superslow reps

SuperSlow Systems Neck Flexion/Extension

The TSC experiment on leg press was a bit of a highlight.  The inroad from TSC made a very light weight feel heavy throughout the full range of motion, and it did not seem disproportionately hard at the point where I did the TSC.  Give it a try and let me know if you have similar experiences.  I look forward to seeing some graphic display of this phenomenon.

During this week’s discussion, I would like to hear suggestions on what I should talk about at the upcoming RenEx event.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

135 thoughts on “W.O.W.’s 9/6/12, 9/9/13 & 9/12/12-The 3-way Split and Suggestions for My RenEx Talk”

  1. @ Ed M

    Re your RenEx w/o ; Do you build in any dynamic work at all, or exclusively TSC? How long have you been doing it? How would you describe results? (other than how you feel)

  2. @ Brian F

    We have been going to Overload in Cleveland since April 2011. Because we live over 200 miles away we shoot for every 2 weeks. About 8 months earlier we had gone to John Little’s place and learned HIT Max Pyramid style.

    Here’s my usual workout:

    MedX Lumbar-a lifesaver for me.

    Leg press-TSC

    Pull down-TSC

    Chest press-dynamic

    Low row-TSC

    At home we go to our local Y with bad equipment but we apply TSC as adjunct to our dynamic workouts particularly leg and chest.

    Results: I am bigger & stronger (although sadly, at 65 not faster)and haven’t lost a day to injury since I started. I am fully recovered from my back injury. My wife’s results have been even better. Much stronger-in a functional sense-with great endurance.

    I know I am not speaking in technical terms. At our ages we are not in this to get ripped. We want long healthy lives with as much functionality as we can retain.

    I’m sold.

  3. @Ben

    “is anyone aware of any multi-gym machines that incorporate the traditional Nautilus-shaped cams (or similar)? I was going to purchase the nautilus ns4000 because it seemed to be the top of the range multi-gym available from Nautilus, but after further research, I discovered that it does not incorporate these type of cams. I am prepared to spend up to $7000 for a decent machine and I am not fussy as to whether it is a new or old machine.”


    Hands down, what you’re looking for is an ARX Fit Omni.

    Brand new you will spend less than the amount mentioned, and it has perfect strength curves for every movement, for every trainee, of every height, shape, size, and limb length.

    It’s the hidden gem of exercise machines, and is capable of performing over 40 exercises.

  4. Amy’s WOW:

    Nautilus pullover
    Nautilus leverage dip
    -60 sec rest-
    Nautilus series III bench press
    Nautilus hip Abduction
    Medx Avenger leg press

  5. @Blain or others

    When you talk about Big 3, do you mean Squat/BenchPress/Deadlift with barbells, or rotating multiple movements in split routine, or machine Big 3?

  6. Ondrej,

    Personally I do a palms up pulldown, a dumbbell bench press (flat) and a superslow body squat: 10 seconds down, 10 seconds up with my arms folded in front of me. I have been doing this workout once a week for just about 2 months now and love it. I really don’t see myself doing anything else, especially adding any more volume in the future.

  7. Ondrej,
    I always interpreted the “Big 3” as one compound upper body push, one compound upper body pull, and one compound leg movement. This can be interpreted with any equipment – machines or free weights.

  8. To Dr McGuff.


    i just want to know how is it going to affect me, eating only twice a day on the growth of muscle?

    The paleo diet makes me eat just twice a day, and i feel energetic,,but i am not sure about growing muscle eating just twice a day.
    I would appreciate very much your advise.

    Thank you,


  9. Angel

    Growing muscle is all about keep a net positive protein balance. This means that after you initiated the protein synthesis stimulus ( after a workout), your protein intake needs to be higher than usual. A good number to aim is for 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.
    When you take in the protein is not important if you stick to a paleo diet, because on a paleo diet your insulin sensitivity will be high, most of the time. So for example if you weigh 70Kg, then 1.5 x 70 = 105grams of protein.

  10. Blain,
    The super slow bodyweight squat is certainly intense but how do you make it progressive?
    Add weight no? Its the weight on the bar not the load on the muscle….

  11. Leo,

    For now, I’m just trying to increase my TUL. I started this exercise about 5 weeks ago. My first go at it I hit failure at just under two minutes. As of my WOW yesterday I am up to almost 4 minutes. I know it’s high, but it’s what I am sticking with thus far.

  12. To Leo’s point…

    Weight is not the only means of progression…the burden of that paradigm is not even sustainably bearable.

    Additional load may be, in most cases, the simplest way to deal with progression…I find that it is rarely the best way (on a workout to workout basis). Although, the ability to handle increasing loads is without a doubt a result of exercise when viewed macroscopically…

    There is benefit in abstaining from deciding at the onset on a particular method, protocol, paradigm…the trials and errors will paint a picture that you can look back upon…you can see the trends and follow the clues toward a particular goal(s)…arriving at a conclusion is better than deciding on a conclusion…experience trumps the logical deductions of even the best authors.

    As frustrating as it may be, “it depends” and “let’s find out” are the most common phrases I repeat with clients. I rarely “give” answers, I simply help people “find” answers…

    The journey is the destination folks…just travel safely.

  13. I would recommend a nice set of adjustable dumbbells and one’s own bodyweight before recommending ARX or most multi-station concepts. Trying to make one machine do too many things is just going to lead down the road of endless compromise.


  14. To Efthymios:

    I appreciate very much your comment on my qestion directed to Dr McGuff, but i only look for a feedback from him.

    I dont know your qualifications, neither your backgroung knowledge, but anyway, i dont agree with your statement, considering that a Kg of muscle contains 22% of protein, and even less as you may know that the cell membranes of muscle are made of fat.
    So Divide 220gr of protein for one kg of muscle “you would achieve in one year training” with luke. So, 220gr/365days= 0.6gr a day for that kg of muscle. That is, above the RDA for a man, wich is about 55gr a day. i think 55.6gr of protein is covered in two meals.

    And even those 55gr of protein that the RDA says we shoud eat, has been always for me a matter to discuss with a scientist, as the government institutions have the control for this info, the real value could have been manipulated, for the benefits they get from people consuming more food.

    Do you think the Government would be happy if everybody follow a Paleo diet?, eating only twice a day, and being healthy, and feeling like lifting a bull with a hand, and testosterone levels as if i was a teenage now?

    No, they will tell you to eat more, 5 times a day, 5 different fruits and bla bla bla.

    I had my blood test done, very complete test, after 9 weeks in this Diet, eating only when i feel hungry, and everything is perfect. i knew it in advance cos i know all the nutrients in my meals.
    I dont even eat fruits at all, neither tomatoes, or carrots, no sugar at all, because my body will take care to get the glucose i need from glicerol to replenish my liver and muscle. anyway,,i have to go.

    I wish Dr McGuff to asnwer my question, and have a say in this message if he likes or have time for it.

    I appreciate your kind feedback to me, but ill wait for Dr McGuff’s replay.



  15. Angel
    First of all go I never mentioned any of the stuff you outline (for example 22% of muscle is protein?where did u get that?).Also where did u get that statement about protein in a year? Go back and read my post again. All I said is that you need 1.5-2grams per body weight Kg EVERY DAY.That is a well accepted number, go and do some research.
    Second 55grams of protein is not enough for muscle building I don’t care who you are.
    Third : this is a discussion forum, not Dr Mcguff’s personal question and answer forum.

  16. Regarding the question of multistation gyms with nautilus type cams – I don’t have any suggestions. But I do wonder if a machine made by David Health Solutions (a Finnish company) might be such a device.

    They make cam based single station exercise machines, and they seem to believe in the use of fall off cams that seem similar in concept to RenEx/SS philosophy.

    They also have an all in one exercise machine called AIO.

    I won’t post a link because I expect it would get trapped in the moderation queue. But if you google “David Health Solutions”, you’ll see a picture of the AIO on the main web page.

    If you dig deeper, you’ll find a nice bit of exposition on their ideas about strength profiles: click on Technology, Equipment Design Principles, Effectiveness.

    Unfortunately, I can’t figure out if they use the fall off cam technology in their all in one unit.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that Overload Fitness had, or used to have some David machines.

  17. That DAIVD AIO looks pretty cool…their resistance curves are very similar to RenEX in some cases…problem with the DAVID is that it costs way too much to get shipped over here.

  18. Efthymios: I don’t agree. According to the book “How much protein?” by Brad Pilon, which is based on solid research, 70-120g a day is enough for muscle building regardless of bodyweight or calorie intake. It’s a very slow process. Personally, I don’t stuff myself with protein. Average American consumes about 90g a day without even knowing or tracking it. And bodybuilders consume massive amounts of protein to add very little muscle per year.

  19. Angel: Be careful. I was enthusiastic the same way about Paleo/Low carb movement. But variety is a good thing anyway. The fact that you read some very very basic and manipulated biochemistry in fancy books or internet forums unfortunately doesn’t mean you discovered the holy grail. There is no holy grail. After all it’s about covering the basics and avoiding fruits alltogether is not a good idea. Good things taken into extreme aren’t better things. I write this because I see those idealistic claims about being strong as a bull etc. After all the books I read, including Paleo, Low Carb and other, after 3 years of studying medicine at university…
    The only important thing is “eat what you like – in moderation – and enjoy your food”. I improve this formula by taking 5g of creatine, aiming for roughly 100g of protein and using intermittent fasting. All that stuff about Paleo keeping you healthy and strong is, in the grand scheme of things that can happen to you, very inconvincing. Some would even say that healthy diet is a diet absolutely not suitable for muscle building…it’s never black and white.

  20. “I would recommend a nice set of adjustable dumbbells and one’s own bodyweight before recommending ARX or most multi-station concepts. Trying to make one machine do too many things is just going to lead down the road of endless compromise.”

    This is an interesting, if not ignorant comment, coming from a guy who has never


    or even written about, an ARX Fit Omni.

    I’m not even sure Josh has ever spoken to anyone who’s used, or witnessed someone using, an ARX Fit Omni.

    Which means Josh does not even have second, let alone first hand knowledge, of an ARX Fit Omni.

    Suppose Josh has good “instincts” on exercise equipment.

  21. @Ondrej

    “Extreme” is a sloppy word, often used as a smear word. It can refer to consistency, or it can refer to excessive. In either case, it’s probably a poor word choice.

    “it’s never black and white.”

    You might want to re-think that, because when you say “it” is never, something, you are creating a black and white statement.

    Which is tantamount to arguing that you lack the ability to argue.

  22. Anthony: English is not my native language. You have business based on telling people that common sense is wrong. Maybe. Or maybe doctors/real experts in any field have some extra knowledge that you don’t have and know that some details like exercising in Vibrams, buying super Primal whey fuel, banning certain foods and eating coconut oil/macadamia nuts…are totally unimportant and that there are only very few things you can do for your health. They actually heard of all this stuff, but for them it’s just so plainly romantic/uneducated effort…they don’t care…sometimes it’s not sexy to admit “We don’t know.” There are so many multifactorial diseases that can kill you tomorrow…diet won’t save you.

    The same with exercise. It’s clear bodybuilders built impressive physiques and reached their potential without drugs or fancy stuff, before any machines were used. They used many different training protocols. ARX FIT Omni might be great, useful device. I though about it myself. It’s comfortable and attractive device. But it’s really expensive and the truth is that the outcome matters. And you can achieve the same with any tool that fits your style. Dumbbell for example.
    You are really prone to believe in brands. Primal, ARX FIT, Vibrams…but the answer is in what you do, not what you buy. What is interesting..based on what I read, McGuff gets this, Tanner get’s this…They still try to give you the best diet advice, build great machines…but they are humble in this effort. They eat Paleo but don’t claim its far superior or conditio sine qua non…it’s better than SAD, and it’s just one way of many. They build/evaluate machine and point out it’s strengths, but they don’t claim the results are better than with barbell. They would make fools of themselves if they did. In this area you have much to learn.

  23. Anthony,
    Take it with a grain of salt. I’m sure it’s an excellent piece of equipment. However, it isn’t made by RenEx so I guess it automatically falls into the “dumper” category. I’m surprised one of those guys had the time to visit another site and weren’t too busy writing about how awesome their own equipment and flawless godfather are. Personally, I would find it difficult taking exercise advice from a person whose gut is hanging below their beltline, but maybe thats just me. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great job and your website/convention is a much needed breath of fresh air for the HIT community. Have a good day.

  24. @ Joe
    I admit I had to re-read your last comment a few times but when it finally did sink I found it to be very thought provoking – so true!
    thanks for the great post.

  25. @Blain,

    Who’s gut is hanging below their belt? Nice ad hominem argument (if it were true), but I think we nee to be mature enough to look past that (if it were true).

    I personally admire Anthony for his passion and entrepreneurial abilities. He is going to go a long way, has a good heart and is someone I would trust. I think Ondrej also makes some good points as well. Yes, loads of shades of grey imo (do our perceptions = reality? A lot of the time, no. There’s the grey).

  26. @Anthony

    Separating your obvious dislike for Josh for a moment, your comments make no sense.

    The criticism made was a general one and not specific to the Omni: “Trying to make one machine do too many things is just going to lead down the road of endless compromise.”

    I’ve never used an ArxFit Omni (or touched one, or known anyone who has)…however, I’ve observed them online (in your videos and the many others). Josh’s point is easily observable in this manner.

    I don’t say this to knock the machine or those who choose to use them…but you are wearing blinders if you think any multi-machine hasn’t compromised *something* in order to accomodate the numerous functions. I’ll give you one example: the handles. The optimal handle/grip for pulling is not the same as the optimal handle/grip for pressing. Certainly, it is available to utilize the same handle (as the Omni does), but realize that it is a compromise…

    Instead of default getting defensive about the criticism…offer your experience to the contrary. You obviously have experience with the machine…maybe you have some insight as to how it evades compromises in its effort to offer various functions?

    I, honestly, don’t think you possess the scope of knowledge in this regard to fully understand what Josh is even saying…you wouldn’t know the compromises to even identify them. That sounds meaner than intended, sorry about that, but I can’t think of another way to say it. You are a smart guy, but you are arguing outside of your area of expertise.

  27. Angel,

    Twice a day eating will work just fine (if not optimal). Whether you focus on it or not, your diet should provide adequate material for growth…and the hormonal environment.


    Arguments on this site need to be the point with NO ad hominum attacks. Even the best of us need to be on guard for slipping into non-logical arguments.

  28. @Ondrej

    “English is not my native language.”

    I didn’t know that. That changes the context significantly. Sorry if my post came off offensive or abrasive to you.

  29. @Joe A

    “Separating your obvious dislike for Josh for a moment, your comments make no sense.”

    I am not 100% certain, but at the moment, I do not believe I have ever said that I dislike Joshua.

    I simply don’t trust him, and I have listed specific reasons on my blog for this lack of trust.

  30. @Joe A

    “Certainly, it is available to utilize the same handle (as the Omni does), but realize that it is a compromise…”

    I don’t understand the sentence. It looks like you left out a word, or meant to use another word in the place of available.

    Can you clarify?

  31. @Anthony

    “I do not believe I have ever said that I dislike Joshua…I simply don’t trust him”

    Splitting hairs here, Anthony. Do you like those you don’t trust? Do you like those you make fun of with cartoon depictions? Do you like those whose personal character and integrity you attempt to denigrate?

    Realize that I don’t have a problem with you responding to the RenEx posts in this manner. But please forgive me for mistaking this (and other things) for “dislike”.

    At any rate, none of this was my point.

  32. @Anthony

    “I don’t understand the sentence. It looks like you left out a word, or meant to use another word in the place of available.”

    By “available” I simply meant you can do it that way. A sub optimal handle/grip will not prevent you from performing pressing or pulling exercise, it just won’t be the best for one (or both) of the movements.

    For a visual example, think back to the Nitro line you used to train on. Think about the grips on the Seated Chest vs. the Pulldown or Row. There’s not much I like about the Nitro line, but I appreciate how they tried to address the varying needs of these scenarios (with a good degree of success).

    Tailoring a machine specifically to the needs/requirements of a specific exercise allows accommodation of such nuances…multi-machines rarely get even one of the multiple exercises ‘right’.

    Most trainees do not worry about these things and the compromise is fine…ingenuity allows us to work around many limitations. Some seek to eliminate these compromises (for reasons outside the scope of this comment). A multi-machine would most likely never suffice for their uses…ArxFit Omni or otherwise.

  33. “Ed M. says:
    September 22, 2012 at 7:29 am
    @ David Sears

    With the RenEx new machines my recovery time is shorter than with the dynamic process. I am ready for vigorous activity the next day and feel ready to train on the 4th although I usually don’t. The hammered feeling doesn’t last the day.”


    I frequently hear exactly what you say here.


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