This posting will give a representation of my 3-way split.  I have been working essentially every other day for a long stretch and with lots of wild swings of circadian rhythm.  During times like this I subdivide the workout into less demanding chunks and increase the frequency to fit into the UE and ER schedule.  It has worked nicely because the smaller workouts do not take such a toll on recovery.

9/6/12- Done with free weights in the Garage since UE was booked solid

Overhead Press

EZ Bar Curl

EZ Reverse Curl

EZ Bar Skull crushers for triceps

Wrist Flexion

9/9/12 -done at UE

SuperSlow Systems Pulldown- Jreps halves

Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits

MedX Chest Press

Timed Static Contraction Rowing torso (lying on floor)

MedX Row with fall-off cam

Calf Raise on MedX Leg Press


Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown

MedX Leg Press (TSC followed by dynamic at 50% of my usual resistance).  Half the resistance was very heavy…only got 3 superslow reps

SuperSlow Systems Neck Flexion/Extension

The TSC experiment on leg press was a bit of a highlight.  The inroad from TSC made a very light weight feel heavy throughout the full range of motion, and it did not seem disproportionately hard at the point where I did the TSC.  Give it a try and let me know if you have similar experiences.  I look forward to seeing some graphic display of this phenomenon.

During this week’s discussion, I would like to hear suggestions on what I should talk about at the upcoming RenEx event.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.