Upon returning from Austin my work schedule was conducive to a 3 way split done with slightly higher frequency.  Here is how it went.

8/29- SuperSlow Systems Pulldown- Jrep halves

-MedX Chest Press

-Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits

-MedX Row with SS fall-off cam

-Calf Raise on MedX Leg Press

9/2- Lumbar Extension on SS Pulldown

-MedX Leg Press

-SS Systems “Alligator” 4-way Neck

Although the frequency is higher, I am holding the volume to a level that should be manageable, and I am not using end-stop technique or deep inroad.

I am really looking forward to the RenEx seminar.  I am very interested to see what their experience has been with timed static contractions with graphic feedback.  I am interested in their results and if they feel this is a compliment to, or replacement for their dynamic equipment.  I suspect that it will be (at least for me) another tool in the box.  I am also interested to see who might show up.  RenEx has pissed off just about everyone in the HIT field and have been very open in their criticism of other equipment.  This is most likely an abysmal marketing strategy, but I am hopeful that it exerts creative pressure on themselves.  If they can be intellectually honest, drawing out detractors can serve to benefit all  of us.  Personally, I have always preferred a less aggressive approach with an “open source” orientation when it comes to innovation.  However, history shows that great innovation can come out of vicious rivalries.  How cool would it be if a bunch of the old SuperSlow Masters showed up?  How about Brian Johnston or Andrew Short?  I am very hopeful that Chuck Spencer will be there.  What if Rob Serraino showed up to share some of his incredible work.  Ken Hutchins has built an entire exercise philosophy on inroad theory…what if he is wrong?  Ryan Hall thinks he’s wrong.  Some of the best advances in human history have come from incorrect theories or no theory at all.  In his book The Rational Optimist Matt Ridley writes:

“…the four men who made the biggest advances in the steam engine- Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Richard Trevithick and George Stephehenson-three were utterly ignorant of scientific theories, and historians disagree about whether the fourth, Watt, derived any influence from theory at all.  It was they who made possible the theories of the vacuum and the laws of thermodynamics, not vice versa.”

Mike Mentzer once referred to me as a “high intensity theorist”, which kind of points out how useless I have been in this process.  More of my theories have probably held back progress, than have advanced progress (if at all).  Even if I don’t get my wish of seeing even any of these folks show up, there is amazing serendipity that can occur when geeks get into a room together, or even when some geeks try to show off what they built.  Again, Matt Ridley speaks to that possibiltiy:

“Imagine yourself at the Vienna exhibition of 1873.  There is a stand exhibiting the work of the splendidly named semi-literate Belgian inventor Zenobe Theophile Gramme, and it is manned by his business partner, the equally euphonious French engineer Hippolyte Fontaine.  They are showing off the Gramme dynamo, the first electricity generator that can produce a smooth current, and a steady light, when set spinning by hand or a steam engine.”…”In the Vienna exhibition, one of the workman makes a careless mistake.  He connects the wires from the spinning dynamo accidentally to the spare dynamo that is there to provide a backup in case the first one fails.  The reserve dynamo immediately begins to spin all by itself, in effect it becomes a motor.  Fontaine’s mind starts spinning too.  He calls for the longest wire that can be found and connects the two dynamos by a wire that is 250 metres long.  The reserve dynamo springs to life as soon as it is connected.  Suddenly it became clear that electricity can transmit power over a distance far greater than belts, chains or cogs could.”

So here’s hoping that the RenEx convention fills their 50 slots, and that the do so with some people they have made enemies of.  Even if their advances lead into a blind alley, there is no telling what serendipity might produce.  At the very least I will get to hang out with some fellow geeks.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.