I had a fantastic time at Anthony Johnson’s 21 Convention in Austin, Texas.  I spoke on the health care system and the historical events that led to the current mess.  Once I established the incremental process that got us where we are, I discussed why it is so important to stay out of the belly of the beast and how to do it.  The highlight of the weekend for me was to see so many old friends and making so many new ones.  The quality of the lectures were outstanding, and I highly recommend purchasing them from Anthony (thedreamlounge.com) when they come out.  I personally got to see Skyler Tanner speak on the biomarkers of aging, and he knocked it out of the ballpark.  Keith Norris spoke on the concept of health and performance and how they track one another only up to a certain point, and how to really push performance you will have to sacrifice health.  As one who actually possesses the genetics for elite level performance, it was great to hear his perspective.  Dave Asprey of the Bullet Proof Exective spoke on the various ways he has hacked his biology for peak health and performance.  I look forward to trying some of his techniques.  I got to hear a young man named Jolly speak on intermittent fasting, and I must say he is the best speaker I have ever witnessed.  Finally, Greg Swann of selfadoration.com spoke on his philosophy of life and being a fully actualized human.  I really appreciated the four word self defense he gave for me in my life as a physician.

Outside the conference Skyler treated myself, Eric Daniels and his girlfriend Raechel, and Richard Nikoley to workouts at Efficient Exercise.  It was an amazing return to working out after my layoff.  Here is what Skyler did to me

Glutinator Hip Extension- a machine that combines hip extension and abduction for a major glute scorching.  This was done as a pre-exhaust for

Nitro Leg Press

ARX Pulldown- done with graduated effort trying to maintain a targeted zone of output

ARX Overhead press- ditto

Nautilus Rowing Torso

Nautilus Arm Cross

Then I had to play on the Nautilus Compound Row

For the next several days I felt like I could crack a walnut with my ass cheeks!  Later that evening I was treated to an amazing dinner prepared by Skyler and his wife Sarah.  Richard Nikoley, as well as Keith Norris and his wife Michelle were present as well.  We talked for hours and had a wonderful evening.  It was a great weekend surrounded by wonderful people with great minds.  As with last year, I was astounded how amazing the folks in their 20′s are.  The future is bright.  These guys might actually pull us through.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.