W.O.W. 8/19/12- Skyler Tanner breaks the BBS Fast

I had a fantastic time at Anthony Johnson’s 21 Convention in Austin, Texas.  I spoke on the health care system and the historical events that led to the current mess.  Once I established the incremental process that got us where we are, I discussed why it is so important to stay out of the belly of the beast and how to do it.  The highlight of the weekend for me was to see so many old friends and making so many new ones.  The quality of the lectures were outstanding, and I highly recommend purchasing them from Anthony (thedreamlounge.com) when they come out.  I personally got to see Skyler Tanner speak on the biomarkers of aging, and he knocked it out of the ballpark.  Keith Norris spoke on the concept of health and performance and how they track one another only up to a certain point, and how to really push performance you will have to sacrifice health.  As one who actually possesses the genetics for elite level performance, it was great to hear his perspective.  Dave Asprey of the Bullet Proof Exective spoke on the various ways he has hacked his biology for peak health and performance.  I look forward to trying some of his techniques.  I got to hear a young man named Jolly speak on intermittent fasting, and I must say he is the best speaker I have ever witnessed.  Finally, Greg Swann of selfadoration.com spoke on his philosophy of life and being a fully actualized human.  I really appreciated the four word self defense he gave for me in my life as a physician.

Outside the conference Skyler treated myself, Eric Daniels and his girlfriend Raechel, and Richard Nikoley to workouts at Efficient Exercise.  It was an amazing return to working out after my layoff.  Here is what Skyler did to me

Glutinator Hip Extension- a machine that combines hip extension and abduction for a major glute scorching.  This was done as a pre-exhaust for

Nitro Leg Press

ARX Pulldown- done with graduated effort trying to maintain a targeted zone of output

ARX Overhead press- ditto

Nautilus Rowing Torso

Nautilus Arm Cross

Then I had to play on the Nautilus Compound Row

For the next several days I felt like I could crack a walnut with my ass cheeks!  Later that evening I was treated to an amazing dinner prepared by Skyler and his wife Sarah.  Richard Nikoley, as well as Keith Norris and his wife Michelle were present as well.  We talked for hours and had a wonderful evening.  It was a great weekend surrounded by wonderful people with great minds.  As with last year, I was astounded how amazing the folks in their 20’s are.  The future is bright.  These guys might actually pull us through.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

80 thoughts on “W.O.W. 8/19/12- Skyler Tanner breaks the BBS Fast”

  1. WOW (Chaos):

    -Nitro Adduction
    -SSS Leg Curl
    -Nitro Leg Press
    -Nitro Row
    -Med-X Chest Press
    -Nitro Pullover
    -Nitro Bicep Curl
    -Calves on Nitro Leg Press
    -Wrist Curl with Forearm Bar

    Time of workout: 22’16”

    Today was the third workout of this cycle which means I added an intensity variable. I didn’t have anyone to train me so I used a rest/pause static after my main sets. My goal is always a 1′ TUL/3 reps per exercise; upon reaching that I set the weight down, took 10 deep breaths, and proceeded to lift the weight to a strong static position that would allow a 20-30″ hold before the runaway negative.

    Great pump, good challenge, looking forward to my “normal” workout next week.

  2. August 28, 2012

    1. OME Chin Up
    2. MedX Chest Press
    3. MedX Leg Press (reclined seat)
    4. MedX Compound Row
    5. MedX Overhead Press
    6. MedX Biceps
    7. Nautilus Triceps
    8. MedX Hip Abduction

  3. RE: my WOW

    I decided to try a slower trap bar deadlift today. I liked it. By Super Slow standards it wasn’t slow (more like a 4/4), but it was controlled enough to feel very different than usual and allow me to manage my form every step of the way. I could feel the muscles being worked rather than just a heaving of the weight. I started from a dead stop on every rep and only used 185 lbs.; I did 8 reps. I think I will include these in my workout every other week and very slowly increase my weights.

    I remarked to DH in an email that the exercises that I have been railing against in my recent posts (DL, squat) are probably not the problem but that my frequency, form and too fast progression are likely the problem. He agreed. So, it’s time to continue on but smarter and safer.

  4. Thomas

    Exactly ! And I don’t think 185 lbs is “only” for slow cadence.

    I cut to 110 lbs for 8\8 last w/o 10 reps, doing this alongside my HST trial.

    BTW. Does anyone here do joint mobility work (popular and considered essential by such as Eric Cressey) prior to WOW ?

  5. Thanks Brian F. Hat tip to you for convincing me to give this a try.

    wrt mobility work. I don’t do much of it but I probably should. I think it’s a great way to warm up, especially in the morning. It’s certainly preferable to stretching before activity. I have Cressey’s Mag. Mobility DVD; It’s good but I kept thinking while watching: “why didn’t I come up with that and market it”. It’s very simple.

  6. Doug and John,

    Are you ever planning on releasing the question and answer book as an e book? I have body by science on my nook and would love to download the follow up.

  7. anyone catch the study that ellington darden just finished on his website? Great stuff. Check it out.

  8. @Blain

    Dr. Darden’s X-Force case study results trumps all, including no studies from REN-X, and John Little’s Nautilus North experiments fat loss studies.

  9. Dr. Darden’s studies should be taken with a grain of salt. He uses hand picked “super-responders” that are then used to sell books and programs to the rest of us. Nice, but hardly relevant.

  10. All studies should be examined for accuracy, which is why there are peer reviewed studies. Denigrating comments without evidence also need to be taken with a couple grains of salt.

    A 51 year old main who has these results in a 12 week Dr. Darden study deserves scrutiny:

    Lost 82.48 pounds of fat
    Lost 10.75 inches off waist
    Built 27.23 pounds of muscle

    Hand-picked? Who knows?
    Relevant? I think so.

    I’m waiting on BBS…Ren-X studies.
    John Little has some great case studies on weight loss/muscle gain. They were published as a matter of record in Iron Man magazine. Are his studies relevant? Yes!

  11. Thomas,

    After looking at the before and after photos of the study subjects, none of them look like “super responders” to me. Looks like a bunch of normal folks like us that did a great job sticking to a strict diet and great once a week HIT exercise plan. Just my opinion.

  12. Marc,

    Who is John Galt? … I mean Where is John Little?

    He is at the pinnacle. True advancement from SC to MC to MP. Largely un-noticed even on this site?!?!

  13. @ Tom

    I know no one named John Galt????

    On the other hand, John Little is well known. FYI, he published a study in Iron Man magazine, November 2007, on fat loss and muscle gain. He wrote in that article:

    “Never in the history of fat loss and exercise has that much fat been lost from such a small amount of exercise.”

    That was true UNTIL Dr. Darden’s X-Force fat loss study. Of note, BBS and Ren-Ex has been notably silent on fat loss case studies.

    From the Godfather of isometric training, with the possible exception of Dr. John Bosley Ziegler, I expected more of a come-back from John Little.

    If isometrics can recruit more muscle fibers than eccentrics, or concentrics for that matter, then a max-contraction WO may indeed exceed Dr. Darden’s X-Force eccentric-based results. Because isometrics are less inflammatory in nature, more of the recovery factor could be involved in actual muscle growth and fat utilization.

    Finally, John Little has always preached a heavily-laden carbohydrate diet, much like the late Mike Mentzer did, as Dr. Darden believes a high carbohydrate diet was partially responsible for his incredible results along with X-Force training.

    Looks like the Godfather of isometrics might have a chance of surpassing Dr. Darden results with his version of a high-carb diet, 1 set/week WO, utilizing minimalistic noninflammatory max contraction training to achieve heretofore unattainable results.

    Where are you Mr. Little?

  14. Marc

    I think you are missing a joke there. John Galt is the lead character in Ayn Rand’ Atlas Shrugged and there is a repeated question through the start of the book – “Who is John Galt?”

    you certainly seem to be convinced by Dr Darden’s material….

  15. Marc,

    The tone of your posts is a little dramatic….”notably silent”? Dr. Darden’s studies are fantastic, and always have been. These are more demonstrations than studies. There are no randomized variables here, just a demonstration of what is possible. To attribute the results in any way to specific equipment or a protocol would require a proper randomized study. Having said that Dr. Darden produces the most meticulously documented demonstrations in the business. Part of the secret is to set up the study in an environment that allows selection of ideal subjects. Selecting out of the membership of a very large health club is ideal, especially one as large as GHFS. The members (by virtue of joining a health club) are already motivated. By competing to join a study group that others are eliminated from, they elevate their dedication even further. The large population allows Dr. Darden to use his vast experience to hand-pick the best potential responders. Having picked the best subjects, those subjects are then supervised by Dr. Darden himself or helpers that he has control over.

    If such a study were to be repeated using another protocol, it would need to be done with the same selection criteria in a large pool of motivated candidates from GHFS. Since Dr. Darden likely has a financial affiliation with X-Force, it is unlikely that his motivation would be equal to the X-Force experiment. However, he has done numerous similar studies using SuperSlow with (IMO) equally impressive results, again demonstrating that these studies really just demonstrate what can be done under ideal circumstances.

    Perhaps GHFS might allow the RenEx team to try and duplicate these results in their facility. As far as me (BBS) doing it, I don’t see that happening. I live in a small town and run a facility that does about 120 workouts per week. Personal training clients are self-selected as likely poor responders (otherwise they would have done well under their own tutelage at a regular health club). Lastly, I work as a full time emergency physician. I got off work last night at midnight, and will be back at 7am tomorrow. I simply cannot do it.

    “Where are you Mr. Little?”. John can answer for himself, but I would like to let you know that John is a productive machine. If he is out of pocket it is because he is totally immersed in some amazing project.

    Someday I would love the opportunity to carry out such a demonstration. I probably do not have the experience or charisma that Dr. Darden does, but it would be fun. In the end, we all owe Dr. Darden for at least pointing out what is possible if you work out intensely and pay attention to the boring details that most let slide.

  16. Dr. McGuff,

    No charisma…..who cares….charisma is overrated. Geeky….oh yeah….but this adds charm.

    I share your desire to carry out such demonstrations. Actually, not to brag, I have trumped Dr. Darden’s results. Years ago, when Mike Mentzer first came out with the consolidation routine, I used squats, dips and chins(alternated) done weekly for 1 set each of 2 exercises. In 16 weeks, a highly motivated young guy(wanting to get married and in love) lost over 100 pounds of actual weight while dramatically increasing his strength. His diet was meticulous. On his wedding day, his own father, who had not seen him in a while, could not recognize him.

    Dramatic, yes…..perhaps some is needed in the HIT community. Perhaps one too many of “The Biggest Loser” episodes…but I’m tired of seeing so many people in the pharmacy with classic cases of Syndrome X, or just obesity. We now make it OK by giving away free medications to treat hypertension and/or diabetes. Should we be surprised that so many struggle with depression and mental disorders? So many who are angry willing to take matters in their own hands by hurting others? Is the aforementioned poor physical conditioning one of the roots of these problems? I think so. We desperately need HIT programs that get these outstanding fat loss body transformations such as Dr. Darden just accomplished. There are many clients out there.

    I believe John Little is very busy with projects. He has a flair for writing about HIT. He is needed. He is simply a fantastic writer.

    BTW….if Dr. Darden “cooks” his results…who is to say you have to play by the “rules.” Find exceptional client(s) for “your” demonstration. Money motivates most….who is to say what a monetary reward to motivate such “exceptional clients” would bring. Grist for your mill?


  17. Marc,

    I don’t think anyone said Dr. Darden “cooks” results. But he does use what I call super responders to demonstrate his techniques (HIT, X-Force, etc.) which, IMO, can be misleading to the average Joe, especially the kids out there who want to get “buff”(especially the implication that X-Force is a significant factor in these results).

    In his defense, I do believe Dr. Darden talks about genetic potential in most of his books (bone size, muscle length, etc.) But, he uses marketing hype with the best of them. So his “science” or “studies” are anything but, as Dr. McGuff explained.

  18. End of 6 week HST/hybrid trial;


    High frequency – 3 times weekly time investment- and potentially more wear and tear.


    My exercise selection was 15deg inc. press, par. grip p/down, row and alternate w/o wall sit holding d/b’s and slow cadence TPDL. This is a NTF protocol, hard but more of a coax than all out intensity.

    Did it work?

    Wall sit; doubled the weight of dumbells and increased TUL, this is a great underrated “exercise” It falls outside of HST protocol is very much BBS

    Other movements; significantly increased weight/strength.

    Diet; loosened my IF approach a little. Gained weight, some fat but — subjectively- I am sure significant muscle.


    I no longer want to train 3 x week and will move back to one w/o BBS/Hit as I believe the longevity factor outweighs any possible hypertrophic margin from HST.

  19. Workout:

    Hammer leg press
    Weighted chin ups

    Weighted chin ups(less weight)
    Nautilus overhead press
    -60 sec rest-
    Close grip bench press

    Later I encountered danger as I was wearing my ‘Bama Crimson Tide t-shirt.This is a major crime in Louisiana.In the grocery store parking lot,I was shot at three times from two different customers.

  20. @Brian F,

    Interesting results. How much do you think eating more played into your strength gains? For me, it’s usually a major factor.

    I agree with your wear and tear and longevity comments. One of the best things about a reduced frequency (and high intenisty) is its reduced (but adequate) exposure to significant loading. I’ve learned the draw backs to frequent loading the hard way.

    @Doug Holland,

    No matter, the bullets would have bounced off anyway.

  21. Doug H,

    Least in US you can shoot back, here – UK – citizens are allowed to issue only a verbal reprimand, or under extreme threat/duress it is permissible to resort to the deployment of a wagging finger.

  22. Thomas,

    I really didn’t eat much more, can’t tell you calories, simply that I loosened a little. I have without doubt gained size, and was surprised by the level of strength gain particularly at this frequency. My goal was not really a weight gain, simply a test partially triggered by getting wiped by my once weekly BBS w/o. I think this was caused by too many movements or, who knows, maybe at high intensity levels I need 12 days recovery which I may experiment with.

    I am convinced by this that gains can be made with NTF training, but for reasons outlined previously , at least for the near future I will return to once weekly. However that is not to say that an HST cycle a couple times a year is ruled out My plan now is to take 10 days off, then return to infrequent BBS, maybe reduce from 4 to 2-3 movements, definitely continuing the slow cadence TBDL, great movement, alternating the wall sit.

  23. Amy’s workout:

    MedX Avenger pulldown
    -60 sec rest-
    Nautilus compound row w/ sick cam
    MedX Avenger leg press
    MedX Avenger overhead press
    -60 sec rest-
    Nautilus overhead press

  24. workout this morning:
    next generation shoulder press
    OME pull up
    triceps push down
    nautilus 2st neck ext./flex.
    Shoulder exorotation
    The upcoming 3 workouts will be fullbody big 3 style with 1 or 2 small musclegroups like neck or abdominal.Done once a week.

  25. I also posted a question on “ask the lowcarb experts”of jimmy moore.Dr.Layman speaks on this show on protein intake and as you might remember I asked about this last week here.My question comes near the end of the show as a question from AJC(my innitials actually)and it deals with IF and protein intake.It was a intersting podcast .If time permits listen to it and maybe we can discus here further.

  26. Hey all

    I am posting pictures from The 21 Convention 2012 of Austin Texas now. They will appear on my blog (click my name), as well as on the21convention,com website.


    In related news, I started rehabilitation for my knee today — it went smoothly. I followed up with a simplified WOW for the rest of my body.

    First in over 6 weeks.

    Finally, a sunrise x-ray of my knee yesterday showed that the surgery was a success! My operative knee is now tracking perfectly.

    I will see the doctor again in 2 months and it will be x-rayed again to verify the change is sticking.

    All signs are positive in the meantime.

    – Anthony

  27. Hi Doug,

    I listened to your interview with Ken Hutchin’s on “fat loss” a lot of “food” for thought. If any one gets a chance to listen to the CD I highly recommend.

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