W.O.W. 02/12/12-If I Can Do It…

I did the following WOW on Sunday morning.  It was a quick solo mission as we had to drive to a neighboring town to spend the day with friends.

Lumbar Extension on SuperSlow Systems Pulldown (as pre-exhaust for)

MedX Leg Press (with end-stop technique).

MedX Chest press

Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits

MedX Compound Row with SS cam

This was a brief, but intense and satisfying workout.  Today I feel great with very little systemic fatigue.  It has been very busy, so I do not have a scientific topic for this week’s WOW.  However, my overburdened schedule did prompt me to think about about the efficiency of the BBS approach.  The following is not intended to boast in any way (because anyone can do it), but it does illustrate the effectiveness of the BBS approach.  Here are some factors….I am 50 years old,  I am a full-time emergency physician in a high volume/high acuity emergency department (one of the most stressful occupations in existence), I work on a rotating shift basis (7am-3pm, 11am-7pm, 3pm-11pm, 7pm-1am, & 11pm-7am are this shifts I rotate amongst).  I have two active and willful children ages 8 and 10.  My children attend a school that is 45 minutes from our home, along with a full compliment of after school activities.  I have been happily married for 28 years.  I am a full partner in my practice.  I own and operate Ultimate Exercise which has 3 employees.  I write, travel, and lecture.  I post this blog every week.  Despite all that is going on,  the BBS approach allows me to be as strong as I have ever been and feel as good as when I was 19 years old.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.

In order to serve as grist for the discussion mill, I offer the following link to Chuck Spencer.


This is a very provocative video that will take you “further down the rabbit hole”.  Also, not the amazing condition that Chuck is in!  Not long ago, this man was dying of advanced rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.  He turned it all around with his own variation of the paleo diet and high intensity exercise.  Now what you see is the amazing condition that this 50 year old stays in at baseline.

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  1. Not instead of; In addition to;

    My WOW today;

    Trap Bar Deadlift tried it with reduced weight, slow reps non lock out. IMO a superb movement. With slow cadence I have to be vigilant re low back rounding.

    With a nod to Doug H. this movement may be better done once monthly with “heavy” weight, time will tell.

    Par. grip P/down done BBS style with squeeze technique.

    Close grip cable curl with squeeze tech at max mom arm.

    Indebted to Charles Spencer for following;

    Infimetric lateral raise taken to non movement, followed immediatley by max mom arm overhead dumbell hold, finishing with pulsed statics after which the dumbells, which were relatively light, headed to the floor. This is an absolute killer and as I have slightly problematic shoulders allows me to work them with minimal wear and tear to a point that I have not previously achieved.

  2. Saturday workout:

    Weighted chin: body+45lbsx5, bodyx3
    Hammer leg press:360lbs(high pins)+35lbs (low pins)x8
    Smith high incline press: 135lbsx5
    Hammer low row:170lbsx7 drop 160lbsx3 drop 140lbsx4
    Hammer leg press: 380lbs(high pins)x8
    Smith high incline press:115lbsx7, rpx2, rpx2
    Calf press:360lbsx15
    Dumbbell bent lateral raises:30lbsx18
    Calf press:360lbsx12
    Weighted dips:body+25lbsx7 drop, bodyx3

    I had my son (14 years old) train me today (after I trained him-usually I go first and he sleeps)-I wrote the program but he encouraged me during the sets. What a difference! On my second set of leg presses, just when I thought I was done, he said, “3 more Dad!”. Crap!! But I got it, with great form and felt destroyed afterward. The rest of the workout was very difficult to complete. Also, I added some rest pause reps at the end of the bent laterals, only doing one set. This went well and I may do it this way again from time to time. All of this was done at about 6:30 a.m.-a great way to start a Saturday!

  3. Anthony,

    Thanks. Your video has spawned 2 other interviews/podcasts that I will be recording tomorrow. One is for the Bulletproof Executive (.com) and another for an outlet in Europe.


  4. I’m lookingforwar to the Bulletproof Executive interview. I went to the website this afternoon and found it interesting.

  5. WOD:

    Hammer Incline Press
    Body weight chin
    Hammer leg press
    Hammer Incline press
    Body weight dip
    Trap bar deadlift
    Calf press
    Dumbbell bent lateral
    Calf press
    Lying triceps extension
    Body weight dip

    Christians WOD (my son-14 years old):

    Hammer incline press
    Hammer leg press
    Trap bar deadlift

    A good workout today. Enjoyed some chocolate milk afterward with my son.

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