We Interrupt This WOW-Amazon Temporarily Sold Out of BBS

Since the interview at Dr. Mercola’s website (www.mercola.com) Body by Science has been selling like gangbusters!  This morning Amazon has listed BBS as “temporarily out of stock”.   You can still make purchases and Amazon promises to ship as soon as it is available and not to charge your credit card until your order ships.  I have contacted the publisher and made them aware of the situation and they will be re-stocking Amazon as quickly as possible.

Anyone wishing to order from Amazon should do so without concern for a significant delay in their order.  Anyone visiting from Dr. Mercola’s site, please feel free to join the discussions on our weekly WOW (workout of the week).

41 thoughts on “We Interrupt This WOW-Amazon Temporarily Sold Out of BBS”

  1. Doug,

    Congratulations! How’s it feel to be an overnight sensation?

    Years ago I used to read Dr. Mercola. Through him I learned about David Allen and Getting Things Done. I’ve since graduated to methods of personal organization that I find more effective than Allen’s, but I was always grateful to Dr. Mercola for setting me on the path.

    I hope that many of Dr. Mercola’s followers can benefit from BBS as much as I have.

  2. Doug,
    Doug ,now that is a early birthday present for you.
    To motivate you; I think that your planned next workout should be the most intense/perfect experienced one (including ren.ex torture) and be filmed .That way the many new visitors of this site (as a result of the books sold etc.)see what a 50 year young person is capable of.
    Anyway , congrats with the results.
    As a side note, the doctor at my former workplace ,kiesertraining , has also BBS and the Q and A book as per my recomendation.He uses it for answering questions of clients.

  3. I agree with the video recommendation. That would be a great addition and conversation to have. Keep up the good work Doug!

  4. Congrats on the great success! It is well deserved and it’s nice to see something of such value getting the recognition.

  5. Ad, Blain

    I got the camera ready to go! Plus after what he did to us last week we couldn’t think of a better birthday present.

    Ed and Sherry

  6. Awesome news. Glad to hear about the good press and sales.

    -TruSquat: Up 3 reps
    -MedX Leg Abductor
    -MedX Leg Extensions
    -MedX Leg Curl
    -MedX Leg Press:Up 8#
    -Weighted Chin-Up: Up 1 rep
    -Hindu Super Slow Push-Up:
    -Lat Pulldown:
    -MedX Chest Press: Up 3 reps, but easier push up work prior
    -Chin Up negatives
    -Push Up negatives


  7. @Doug and @John L: Congratulations guys. Let’s hope the sales turn into a real groundswell for BBS!

  8. At about 1:04 into the Mercola interview, there is the suggestion that “Super Slow” philosophy advocated no other activity, or what most think of as exercise.

    Quite the contrary.

    First, “exercise” was specifically defined, and “recreation” was anything other than said defined “exercise.” The distinction was made between the two. Both were considered important in that philosophy, and always have been.

    In my opinion, the continuing misunderstanding of the Exercise vs. Recreation philosophy is a major obstacle in moving science-based physical conditioning forward.

  9. Nice on Doug, bet the cash is flowing in haha. Also great that the message is slowly but surely reaching the masses.

  10. @Dennis Beckman,

    Yes that is very important to understand for sure. I think the HIT/BBS/Hutchins redefinition of exercise complicates the issue, however, because most people don’t get this from the beginning, and have a hard time integrating it into their thinking. To most people, exercise is any form of exertion, and can be variable depending on a person’s condition. So walking can be exercise if one is not conditioned well enough to walk. I actually agree with the revised definition, but think it’s hard for people to “get” and am not surprised that people interpret the “no exercise” idea to mean no other activity.

  11. That’s great – congrats!

    I’m looking forward to getting back in the rhythm of posting my WOW, we moved to Atlanta end of last year and it’s been beyond hectic.

    That being said, we found a trainer from the Directory tab up above, who is all of 15 minutes away. We start our HIT weekly sessions next weekend. I can’t wait!

  12. Dr.McGuff,

    I purchased the book about 1 year ago and read various secions before my workouts. I enjoy the book and I have learned a lot. Do you have any plans for a followup book? It would be helpful to have a book that focuses on training at or around one’s genetic potential.


  13. Senya,

    Good choice. Terry was one of the original trainers at Ultimate Exercise and developed a lot of the nuances we use today at UE.
    You’re also only less than 2 hours from UE so if you ever get the urge to drive north on 85, call us or e-mail egarbe@bellsouth.net and we’ll set you up a guest workout.

  14. WOW – 14th January
    Previous workout – 7th January

    Weighted Push Ups
    Bent Over Row
    Weighted Sit Ups
    Overhead Press
    Assisted Pull Ups
    Lumbar Extension (Static Hold)
    Lateral Raise (Static Hold)

    Great metabolic effect again from my 2nd home session in 6+ months. Not sure whether I prefer training at home with free weights or at a gym with machines. Perhaps the gym win over range of motion and overall safety, but I certainly know I can still achieve deep inroad from either one.

    @Doug & John
    Congrats on the rise in popularity of BBS, it is well deserved. It won’t be long before your teachings permeate into the psyche of many others who are all looking for optimal health and exercise.

  15. Doug and John

    Congrats on the continued success of the two books. I remember my reaction to first reading the book, the logic and research were irrefutable.
    I was so impressed that with my meager salary I purchased 5 pieces of MedX and started training clients, part time, in a home studio just to pay for the equipment.
    One thing has lead to another and the list of clients continues to grow and I am renting a larger studio.

    I had ‘retired’ from personal training several years ago but it seems that a new plan has revealed itself and I hope to continue training clients after I retire from my ‘real job’ in about 3 years.

    I am onboard with the mission to change the way people exercise, especially those over fifty.

    I can’t help but think we are on the verge of a large swell of a tidal wave of interest,I am glad to be a part of this most proactive form of health care.
    Thank You

  16. Hi Doug

    I was amazed (and very pleased) to see a copy of BBS in our local library here on Anglesey North Wales. The “word” must really be getting out there!!

    You may recall that I asked a while back about somehow getting hold of your book on BMX training. UE were unable to provide a copy and neither was another affiliate (I forget the name now) but suggested I reach out to you. Do you know where I might find a copy? I have been inspired by BBS and its results (at nearly 40) to get back on the BMX – a sport I left behind over 25 years ago.


  17. I say congratulations to Doug and John,also.And I say thank you,too.This kind of publicity has a nice trickle down effect to my little business.I’m booked six days a week with a full waiting list.My most recent add ons have come to me after reading the book.

  18. Just got an e-mail from the birthday fairy…goes like this

    This is just a quick reminder
    That on Tuesday I’m flying to South Carolina
    Gotta go see some guy that’s strong and tough
    Goes by the name of Doug McGuff
    I got my “50″ wand ready to tap
    This guy makin’ HIT grow on the map
    So feel free to blog with b’day platitudes
    To a guy who’s not handling 50 with the best of attitudes’s

  19. Hi i have been reading this site for months but never posted. Hope this gets through moderation, and gets seen.

    Doug and John L, – firstly Congratulations on the expanding success of both the books and a personnal thanks, as others have already said.

    I have some questions in regard to stretching, joint circling and neck work.

    Stretching. I completely undertand your view here in regard to injury prevention, but would mild passive stretching have any benefit when rehabbing injuries.

    Secondly would active stretching help in rehab or prehab.

    Joint circling. Looks harmless and easy on the body. Alledegly it gently opens and closes the joints promoting circulation of fresh synovial fluid, thus “oiling” the joints. Do you think is valid and beneficial, and an option for the older more battle scared trainee between infrequent HIT seessions, – ?

    Lastly neck training. I have no access to medx or nautilus neck machines. So what i do? .Whats your take on bridging or the iron mind neck harness, – ?

    Sorry for all the questions, but i know your are the guys who will tell the truth.

    Thanks in advance

  20. @Dennis Beckman,

    Thanks for the clarification. However, many within the Guild misconstrued the message. Since exercise was defined as occurring in a “clinically controlled” environment and “within the constraints of safety”, other exercise-like activities, even if done for recreation, became viewed as dangerous and frivolous. Many took the distinction down the slippery slope and tried to restrict clients from any activity that might cause injury or erode recovery for the next session. I vividly recall Drew Baye telling of a story where he was driving down the road when he saw one of his clients jogging down the sidewalk. He pulled the car into a driveway, blocking the client’s progress down the sidewalk and commanded that she stop and go back home.

    While this may not have been what the philosophy intended, it is certainly where it went.


    Ed Garbe can attest. Training clients is a great post-retirement gig. Which is the best kind of retirement (IMO)….no retirement.


    Welcome back to BMX! I still have a track on the lot next to my house. BMX Training is in stock. Be prepared though, tracks are WAY more technical these days.


    Passive stretching can be very necessary during rehab to break up adhesions and scarring. It should be done cautiously by someone who really knows what they are doing (and that isn’t always a physical therapist).
    Joint circling is probably OK and will help spread synovial fluid around, but so will any gentle motion of the joint to be used.
    For neck training…timed static contractions in flexion, then extension or manually applied resistance are best. For both a gradual ramp-up of effort are required (50%, 75%,,100%).

    @ Ed Garbe,

    There once was a trainer named Garbe
    He married a Lassie named Barbie
    About McGuff he did blog
    And promised to flog
    But paybacks are hell
    And he likely will tell
    How McGuff did rebuke
    So the Garbe would puke
    And wake up on the carpet in a fog

  21. It is great to see the truth getting out. Not only about exercise but many other subjects. All of this is made possible with the use of the internet, the type of media that can’t be controlled. :)

  22. Doug,Ed,
    So today is THE DAY.Happy birthday Doug.
    Never thought this could end in a battle of the poets.Curiuosly waiting for Payback2.

  23. The great part about being a “senior” trainer is you can relate a bit differently to many of your more maturing clients. It’s the difference between an often-times short term focus of doing HIT to get strong, opposed to it becoming the “means” to the “end”…the “end” becoming more healthy.

  24. Doug and John Little

    Congratulations on the well deserved surge in popularity of the BBS book. It could not happen to two more well deserved professionals who continue to put reason, logic, integrity and ethics to the forefront of their lives.

    Ed H

  25. Greg,

    Thanks. And thanks for the Ideal Exercise blanket we recently received. Wendy and I always bring a blanket to the theatre on date nights, and now Ideal Exercise will come along.


    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. It made turning 50 fun.

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