W.O.W. 6/03/11-The Brownsburg Beatdown

I flew into Indianapolis on Friday and was met at the airport by Bo Railey and Mark Sisson.  Both guys looked fantastic and really stood out amongst the sea of tubbies at the airport.  Needless to say, Bo whisked us directly to his Brownsburg studio for a workout.  I got tag-team supervision from Bo and Vee (who was even larger and more ripped than the last time I saw him).  I selected very modest weights (or so I thought) so I could really show good form, but with such great supervision I “emptied the tank” faster than I expected.  After I finished my workout, I got to watch Mark Sisson do a 3 set WOW.  Mark is so lean that it is like taking an anatomy and kinesiology lesson when you watch him work out.  His form and intensity were awesome, and he seemed impressed with the protocol.


SuperSlow Systems* Pulldown

MedX Chest Press

SuperSlow Systems Row

SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press

SuperSlow Systems Leg Press

*disclaimer:  I think these machines were all made in house by Bo based on the specs of Ken’s now out of production line.

Mark’s WOW

SuperSlow Systems Row

SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press

SuperSlow Systems Leg Press

The seminar that followed was simply fantastic.  All of the exercise lecturers (Drew Baye, Bill DeSimone, and Mark Sisson) gave excellent presentations.  The business lectures by Tony Scelzo and Danny O’Malia were very informative and inspiring.  If you were not fortunate enough to have attended, I highly recommend that you purchase the seminar DVD when Bo makes it available.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.

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  1. Thomas,

    One hour a day in the pool for a “normal” human being is not one hour of Phelps time in the pool. Not only is he able to work much harder, he’s able to sustain that intensity at the edge of his max. This is something of a gift for the genetic elite/highly trained athletes.

    I had never heard 12000 kcal/day. I’ve heard 8000 however. Still an enormous amount.

  2. @Skyler:

    I agree, which is why I think that his activity based energy expenditure is likely very high (way above the average joe in the pool-as you said). The argument was made that exercise doesn’t burn much energy, and that it had to be something else, such as the thermal load due to increased thermal conduction in the water. This may be true, but it doesn’t account for the huge intake (12000). So, if that’s a factor and he’s burning 4000 calories per 4 hour training session (that’s a lot!) plus his BMR plus his NEAT plus a few other factors that aren’t that significant, do you get 12000 calories in expenditure? Maybe you get to 9000, which leaves an extra 3000 calories per day that is not used, assuming his intake is indeed 12000 calories. I don’t think it is. 8000 calories on average is probably more like it (as you said). That is still a huge feat of food consumption.

    This discussion is totally academic-interesting but surely missing some factors (it’s fun, though). I may be totally missing something obvious or just not understanding the processes in general. This is usually where js290 comes in and points out the flaws of focusing on calories, which would be correct, although I think calories in/calories out gets us pretty close in this case.

  3. Skyler,

    You made the comment “I’ve been thinking about and playing with a protocol modification based on what I’ve read about high threshold motor unit activation, mTOR, fatigue management… Today was a “test run” of sorts that will sort itself out over time.”

    Could you let us in on what you’re doing?


  4. Hey Doug

    This doesn’t “officially” release for a few days, but I figured you would enjoy it in advance anyway =). It’s a new cinematic trailer for The 21 Convention, about a minute long.

    I have you at the spearhead of it for exercise and nutrition. Consider me your unofficial promoter ;).

    You can view it here on my blog


    Also sent an e-mail a few days ago about a documentary style interview where we would come to you to film an in depth interview in UE. Let me know if it did not come through.

    — Anthony

  5. Oh, by the way, you interested in a trip to Australia September 2012?

    (Will make more sense after viewing the trailer).

    — Anthony

  6. Worked out this time with Sherry at Ultimate Exercise.

    Workout(~20 minutes):

    MedX Leg Press
    MedX Overhead Press: Hadn’t done this in a while. Felt light at first even though weight was increased over last time. Pop pin set extender
    SuperSlow Pull Down: Pop pin. Muscles pretty much fried by this point
    Abs on SuperSlow Pull Over
    MedX Seated Row: Felt like a ton of weight.
    MedX Chest Press:

    Increased weight on all exercises due to the longer time between workign out at McGuff’s facility.

    Sherry also put my Dad through a workout. It was his first HIT style lifting and he was game for it, going to failure and really pushing for the intensity. Go Dad!

  7. Son’s WOW

    Nautilus PowerPlus row
    close grip bench press
    barbell squat
    Nautilus pullover w/Jack Reacher cam

    Michael Phelps’s huge caloric consumption could partly be marijuana induced munchies…

  8. Amy’s

    Nautilus 2ST pullover
    Nautilus pullover w/sickness cam
    Nautilus series III bench press
    Hammer seated leg curl
    Hammer H-Squat


    barbell deadlift
    Nautilus neck/shoulder
    weighted chin up

    I felt high afterwards,so I took the doors off the VW Thing 1973,folded the windshield down,put on my goggles,and hit deserted Louisiana Hwy 1 at 101 mph(a new record for my air cooled 46 hp vehicle).

  9. I hired a new personal trainer this week and hit the jackpot, he not only pushed me hard, but equally concentrated on correcting my form. I was very sore for two days. It’s been six months since i’ve stopped doing any single joint, isolation exercises, yet my arms continue to grow. As Mike Mentzer stated in his 1998 seminar ” the pulldown is the perfect bicep exercise, working the muscle from two joints”. And by elimanting any extra isolation movements you are also eliminating over training. And the same principle applies to dips and triceps. Mike’s DVD ” Underground Seminar” can be found on the internet.

  10. Hey Doug, will you ever take an interest in my posts? I’ve been on the BBS program for about 8 months now and can feel the difference. I topped out at 92 mph the other day and feel that the mlb draft will be a real possibility for me in the near future. I even base my skill training off the book’s principles. 419-583-9052 :)

  11. @All,

    Great discussions while I have been out of pocket. I have been on a trip to Texas for the past 10 days. My flight home was delayed for 5 hours and I got home late last night. I got up early to go to a day shift today. I will try to post a new WOW within the next 1-2 days once I get caught up at work and around the homestead.

  12. @jay Rhine

    Although its great you hired a PT, Soreness is no indication of how well you did during a workout. after doing correct HIT, I feel that I feel a “good” sore, as if its more like my muscles feel “Worked” or challenged”, but I’ve never felt or really taken much notice to soreness after a few hours after my WOWs.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel sore. All I’m saying is that, you don’t want to rely on it as an indication of how well workout goes for you.

    Also, if you are sweating: its an indication of overheating. The ideal workout environment will be around 60˚F. I rarely every sweat anymore.

    One of the things that always baffles my mind is that people who do chronic cardio like my parents say how hard their workout was doing spin class on bikes, yet, I’m the one that never complains nor has to see the doctor about inflammation or not getting enough sleep.

    Keep us posted with your progress!


  13. Hi Dr McGuff

    This is probably not the correct place for this but I am trying to get hold of your book on BMX training. I live in the UK and had a friend in the States send a cheque to UE but which has apparently been returned. There doesn’t appear to be any email details for UE on their website. Can you assist? While I’m here – W.O.W performed with only limited equipment
    Front Squat (as much as I can clean)46kg x 12
    Shoulder Press – 26kg x 11
    Bent over Row – 46kg x 11
    French press – 40kg x 12
    DB Calf raise – 40kg (DB) x 11 and 12 (L,R)
    All performed with a negative emphasis (10 secs or thereabouts) – feeling a lot more sprightly in the days after the workout now that I have reduced from big 5 to big 3

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