I flew out to Seattle this past weekend to Attend the memorial service for Greg Anderson.  It took place at a huge gathering room on the Upstairs of Pier 57 above the Fisherman’s Restaurant. There was a huge window at the front of the room that gave an incredible view of the downtown skyline and Puget Sound.  There were literally hundreds of people in attendance.  Friends and family made up a small percentage of the crowd.  The vast majority were clients and students of Greg’s who attended to pay homage because the man literally changed his life.

Over and over again people came up to specifically tell me how Greg had changed their lives for the better.  More than anything, they commented on how Greg always assumed ahead of time that you were destined for greatness, treated you as if you had already arrived, all with the intent of leading you there.  I can say without a doubt that my proudest moments were the 20 or 30 times that someone came up to me thanking me (and John) for writing Body by Science, not because of the content of the book, but because I had made them aware of the existence of Greg Anderson in the Acknowledgments section of the book, which in turn led them to become clients of Greg.

After the memorial we were treated to a complementary ride on an enormous ferris wheel on Pier 57.  Apparently the owners of the Pier and this enormous wheel were dedicated clients of Greg and Anne-Marie’s, so we certainly received the VIP treatment.  Unfortunately, there was no time to make it to Ideal Exercise for a WOW.  I was really looking forward to David Landau putting me through the paces, but it will have to wait for another time.

After arriving home, I took a day to recover from jet lag and performed the following WOW at the Clemson University Fike Gym.

Weighted Glute-Ham raise

Hammer Leg Press

Lateral Raise (Jrep halves)

Bent Fly (Jrep halves)

DB overhead Press

EZ barbell curl

Triceps Cable Pushdowns

Forearm work.

It was a good workout, but nothing compared to June 12, 1997 at Ideal Exercise.  That workout changed the course of my life.  If you don’t think providing personal training is meaningful work, then you never knew Greg Anderson.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts.