I did the following WOW on 12/28.  This was part of my 3-way split rotation.  I am still sticking with the split routine because the ER has had very high volume and acuity recently, and this consumes a lot of recovery.  I don’t want to be around all of that contagion if I hammer myself with too much volume or too many big movements.  This was done at UE under the Supervision of Evil Ed Garbe.

Lumbar Extension on SS Systems Pulldown (as Pre-exhaust for)

MedX Leg Press

SuperSlow Systems Neck Flexion/Extension

Calf Exercise on MedX Leg Press

Yesterday (1/04/13) I did shoulders and arms at Fike gym.  I had the opportunity to work out with Ed at UE, but due to a late shift, I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed quickly enough.

Cybex Lateral Raise (Jrep halves)

Cybex Rear Delt (SuperSlow cadence)

Cybex Overhead Press (Jrep halves)

EZ barbell Curl

EZ Reverse Curl

EZ Lying Triceps Extension

Dumbell Finger Curl Done “Moment Arm Exercise (MAE)” style.

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t have a new topic.  Joe A has posted a rebuttal article over at www.renaissanceexercise.com. Check it out, along with the comments there.  Perhaps we can continue and expand the discussion based on what Joe has written.

Post your WOW’s and your thoughts for the New Year