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W.O.W.’s 12/18 & 12/23/12-Observations and Practical Tips on the Mind-Muscle Connection

Well, the world didn’t end as predicted.  I suspected we would all be here on the 22nd, so I stuck with my 3 way split with 5 days between workouts.  I probably would have preferred a 7 day respite, but it didn’t fit my work schedule. 12/18/12 at Fike Gym Dumbbell lateral raise-Jrep halves Dumbbell […]

W.O.W.’s 12/08/12 and 12/13/12

I have been very busy with ER work since Greg Anderson’s passing.  I squeezed in these two WOW’s. 12/08 at UE -SuperSlow Systems Pulldown -Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits -MedX Chest Press -MedX Compound Row with fall-off cam 12/13/12 at Fike Recreation Clemson University -Calf Exercise on Cybex Leg Press -Hyperextensions with added weight -Barbell […]