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W.O.W. 10/19/12-Statics, Infimetrics, EST. Things that make you go “hmmm”.

I did the following WOW late Friday afternoon (after UE had cleared out). Lumbar Extension on the SS Systems Pulldown Squat Position MedX Leg Press (clean turn-arounds, no end stop) Nautilus Pullover with SS retrofits MedX Chest Press MedX Compound Row with SS cam All sets were done to simple failure.  No end-stop techniques were […]

W.O.W. 10/14/12-RenEx, plumbing pipe, and yoga blocks

I am reluctant to post this week’s WOW because I don’t want to stop the incredible thread generated by the RenEx conference.  Please feel free to continue your discussions and debates on this week’s WOW. MedX Overhead Press Ghetto infimetric lateral raise TSC simple row (using yoga blocks laying on floor) Nautilus Plateload bicep Nautilus […]

W.O.W. 10/06/12-The RenEx Conference, Statics, and “Fat Tails”

I did the following WOW at the RenEx convention.  The workout was predominantly done on their static equipment with visual feedback. Static Pullover followed immediately by Static Pulldown (their iPO/PD machine) Dynamic RenEx Overhead Press (no end-stop technique, just perfect/continuous turnarounds) Static Compound Row Static Leg Press I have been incorporating some static work in […]