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W.O.W. 8/21/16- On the Lecture Circuit

Sorry for the delayed post.  It is time to reboot.  I just got back from giving a lecture at the Free Market Medical Association Annual Meeting (  Next Month I will be lecturing at The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition ( in Ocala, Fl.   I do not have a topic for this WOW, […]

W.O.W. 6/26/16- Don’t Let This Get Out!

Today I did the following 5 movements.  My son recorded it on the GoPro so hopefully I can have it up on YouTube shortly. Lumbar Extension on the original SS Systems Pulldown SuperSlow Systems Ventral Torso SuperSlow Systems Pulldown MedX Chest Press SuperSlow Systems Leg Press The entire workout lasted 11mins and 51 seconds.  Great […]

W.O.W. 5/28/16- In Healthcare, Frailty=Death

Recently I have decided to rotate a 3 way split, followed by a full body routine.  The rotation is:  Back/Chest, Shoulders/Arms, Legs/Abs, Then a whole body routine such as a Big 5, 3×3 or something similar.  My last workout was Shoulders/Arms done at Fike was as follows:  Barbell Military Press, Cable Bent Fly, EZ Bar […]

W.O.W. 2/28/16- The New Year’s Realization…This Actually WORKS!

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  The blog has generated much interesting, productive and respectful discussion in my absence.  We have also learned how to score a great term paper online!!  Sorry for that part, as I have been unable to get WordPress 4.4.2 to download for me (help John!?).  The 4.4.1 version got […]

W.O.W.-1/31/16- The Matt Spriggs Manifesto

Today I went down to UE with Wendy and my Son while my daughter was away on an outing.  It was time for shoulders/arms/leg press, so I did the following WOW: SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Barbell Curl Nautilus Plate Load Triceps with SS retorfits EZ reverse Curl Formulator SuperSlow Systems Leg Press Wendy’s workout: […]

W.O.W. 01/16/16- The Joe “Abyss” Manifesto

My most recent WOW was done this past Saturday morning and included the following movements (see instagram ulimate_exercise_ for photos). SuperSlow Systems Overhead Press EZ Barbell Curl Triceps Press Performed on the “old” SS Systems Pulldown Reverse EZ Barbell Curl with Fat Gripz SuperSlow Systems Leg Press The Next manifesto comes from our board participant […]